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Kings of Leon...

Greg James | 09:35 UK time, Saturday, 16 August 2008

They are one of my favourite bands in the world and I managed to get along to Brixton Academy on Thursday night to see them.  They are superb live, highly recommended.



They spent a load of money on making the stage look pretty, as you can see, and the gig was flawless. 

Except, some numpty standing in front of me was doing camp dancing to some of their heaviest tracks.  It was really annoying me.  He was slightly taller than me, which is quite tall (!), had skinny jeans on, pointy shoes and big bushy curly hair.  He was also trying to call all his mates throughout the gig in a desperate effort to make sure EVERYONE knew he was having a great time.  Why do people do that!?  Yes, ring one mate if 'your' song comes on, but don't broadcast the whole bloody concert on it!  So, this guy was doing dancing that wouldn't have been out of place at a Kylie concert and moving his head too close to me, so much so that I could smell his hair at times.  What's with that?

Have a lovely weekend, more guff on here later no doubt.  Have a listen to Switch on Sunday night, which I'm covering.  Loads of good stuff on there including Jonas Brothers, Sugababes, McFly and me old chums The Automatic in the studio...

P.S.  Also doing Scott's show on Monday afternoon (another lie in - YIIIIPPEEEE!)



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