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I'm all going on a su-mmer hol-i-day...

Greg James | 09:39 UK time, Sunday, 24 August 2008

Good morning!  This title needs to be sung in the style of Cliff by the way.  Oh, just to let you know that this blog might be a bit odd as I'm very asleep.  And I'll tell you for why...

Got in at 5am this morning after a brilliant but absolutley packed evening.  Firstly, I went along to Comedy Dave's evening session of his wedding for a few hours and it was a brilliant do.  Couple of highlights...Carrie did Camilla Ice again in karaoke, and at one point, I looked round and Dominic had hijacked the bar and was serving drinks to everyone.  Oh, and Rachel's cakes were amazing...and she was very paranoid that someone (I) was going to fall into them.

So, I had to leave the party at about 10pm to get to a gig I was doing at West Sands Caravan Park in West Sussex.  Here is a picture of me in their Green Room:


It was a very funny gig last night.  On before me was the One and Only, Chesney Hawkes, but, by the time I got there, he'd gone.  Show and go.  I was introduced on stage in the best way I ever have done.  They played a piece of rousing classical music, stood me on the stage and then dramatically revealed me by swinging the curtains back!  Smoke machine going off, strobe lights, Producer Neil laughing at the side of stage and me, 'the div', standing there.  "Welcome along", I said, and then played Basshunter.  Very strange.  I played a few big tunes from my handbag of hits, met loads of lovely people and drove back to London to get about 3 hours sleep as I'm up now to fly away on holiday at midday!

So, in case you didn't know, I'm off for two weeks now and as much as I love my job, I'm so looking forward to it!  It's been a brilliant but very busy summer and I'm shattered!  So much has happened:  Big Weekend, Mallorca, Newquay, covering Scott's show, Pendulum Live Lounge and the GCSE maths exam to name but a few.  If you listen to me regualarly or even if you're a new viewer of the blog, just have a look back at the previous couple of months blog posts.  I'd forgotten how much stuff has happened!

So, that's all for a couple of weeks.  As much as I would like to blog from my holiday, I think it may be important for my sanity that I don't! 

Oh, one last thing, Max from 1Xtra who is covering my show, is going to be doing some bits and bobs on here for the next couple of weeks.  Make her feel welcome (along) and make sure you comment loads!  

And here is a little video that I found kind of on the Olympics theme again.  It made me laugh a lot.

Over and out.

Oh no!  I forgot one other thing...

Remember on Friday, Tom Bateman from Newsbeat was wearing an increble shirt.  I said it was like a patchwork quilt.  Something that a bored Grandma would knit.  Well, I said I'd take a photo of it for you:


I think that's all for now.  Best I stop now I think? Yeah. Have a great couple of weeks. 



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