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I'm in the worst mood ever...

Greg James | 09:04 UK time, Wednesday, 23 July 2008


So grumpy.

Properly tired this week and I had to go and record the voiceover bits for DAVE TV this morning.  Got there after a half hour journey to find that the scripts hadn't been written.  Brilliant.  Thanks everyone! Waste of time. 

To add to this, I've just arrived home to find that the new blind the blundering workmen fitted in my flat doesn't cover my window properly so am trying to get to sleep with the sun in my face.  Also, it's one of those wooden blinds which is a huge problem because the window is in the roof and it hangs down and looks like it's going to fall off!

He's left a load of wood chippings in my bed too.

AND to top it all off, I'm being beaten by a bloody gnome in terms of Facebook fan popularity.  Click here to join my fan page.  I'm tired, desperate and very grumpy.  ARRRRRGHH!!!  I'm off to bed.

Wake me up when I've got 1000 fans.

If you want to rant about anything, get it of your chest in the comments below.  Go on, it'll make you feel better!



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