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Day two on The Big Drive Home

Greg James | 21:56 UK time, Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Don't worry, I'm not going to label every day "The Big Drive Home - Day ?? etc etc"...that might get tedious. 

Anyways, another busy show today - got some snazzy "Summer jingles" made as a tribute to all the local radio stations that have the cheesey "music sounds better in the sunshine" jingles on before playing songs like "Don Henley - Boys of Summer" or something.  You can listen again to the show here.  I played the jingles out at about 5:15pm then again with Zane at that very start of his show at 7. Enjoy!

Also, did another round of the feature with no name but its basically where I give you 30 seconds for you to text in your favourite song in the world.  After that 30 seconds, I freeze the text screen and play the three songs that appear at the top of the list.  Today, the songs were:

Nickelback - Rockstar

Jamie T - Sheila

Gerry and The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone.  See, it really could be ANYTHING.  Another round of that tomorrow at 6:15pm.

That's all for now I think.  If I've forgotten anything, I'll pop back later.



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