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Bits and bobs...

Greg James | 21:32 UK time, Wednesday, 2 July 2008

So, did the show, then popped out for a quick drink with Producer Neil, assistant Producer Matt and Glenn who produces Annie Mac at weekends.  Don't worry, I don't address them as "Producer blah blah" in conversation, it's just so you all know who these people are!

Anyway!  After a nice iced cider (incredible hot evening drink!), I trotted home with my girlfriend Clare who is staying for a few days after just graduating and making the transition into the big wide world!

Got home to find TWO bloody Congestion charge fines in the letterbox. £120!  Horrendous surprise.  Serves me right I suppose but I'm new to London and it's not clear where you are allowed to drive and where you aren't!  There are no signs!  In case you didn't know, the congestion charge was (ex) Mayor Ken's idea to get rid of cars in central London.  Suckers have to pay £8 a day and if you don't, £60 fine.  Arse.

Put me in a bad mood, but I'm over it now. Kind of.  So, Murray lost the tennis too - Nadal is just too good.  Did buy a new tennis racquet today though (70% off - amazing!).

Just having a bit of pasta whilst watching the highlights of the tennis on the red button - the BBC is just incredible isn't it!  But then again, I would say that.  You do get alot for the licence fee I think.  Including this blog.  We spoil you!

Right, logging off now, more tomorrow.

P.S.  Producer Neil and I made up after our argument earlier you'll be pleased to hear.

P.P.S. If you haven't seen my "Reasons I hate London" post from a few days ago, I've added more.  Please feel free to add your own!


  • Comment number 1.

    Great stuff. I made a cup of tea this afternoon.

  • Comment number 2.

    mmmmmm pasta .......

    Thank god i don't have to worry about Congestion Charge as I don't live in London and not old enough to drive. But I feel your pain £120 is just a rip off!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr.....!!! As If Taxing wasn't enough. All the nice things you could pay with that 120 quid .................. LOTSSS?

    anyway Have a great weekend Greg

    much Love
    Sarah in Luton xxx


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