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Sumo, Switch, sleep and, oh yeah, some blokes called The Jonas Brothers...

Greg James | 23:00 UK time, Sunday, 29 June 2008

This weekend, I did nothing.  I was so so knackered from last week that I just needed one of those lame weekends.  You know what I mean?  Watched a bit of Glastonbury, bit of the tennis.  Lovely.  Also, slept for 14 hours on Saturday night. Incredible.

Anyway, did Switch tonight and played out an interview with The Jonas Brothers that I did on Friday afternoon.  Interviewed them on an open top tour bus going round London which was a new experience! Pictures of that here.

Here's a vid of me and the Jonas brothers on the bus.

They're really nice boys and we had a really good laugh.  Catchy records as well and they seem really down to earth so I'm all for them.  They get the Greg James thumbs up.  And that counts for alot you know.

Just writing this at home as I think about a few bits for tomorrow's show - and recover from doing Switch tonight.  Switch is such a busy show, great fun and so much going on that I'm shattered after it!

During the show, some Gladiators came in (Enigma and Tempest) - two lovely ladies from the show to surprise Reggie (he is a big fan of these two).

Anywaaaaays, this might be the first time you've ever read this blog as its only been advertised from today, so, welcome along.

A blog really only works if everyone chips in so please feel free to comment, post stuff, links, funny stuff, whatever you want really.  I'm going to try and make it as personal as possible.  If I'm grumpy one day, I'll write about that, if I get annoyed with an old granny on a bus, I'll write about that.  Its a little insight into me and Radio 1.  Should be a laugh!

 More later... 




  • Comment number 1.

    Good stuff, Greg! :)

    Very interesting to read, and glad you've got your own blog going here and that it's just been advertised. :)

    I think my user name will give the game away regarding who I am! :) Keywords such as "computer rooms", "Mrs W" and "Sir" should alert you, as well as probably making other readers here scratch their heads in bemusement! :)

    I have just made my way through some of your earlier posts, and I hope to get through them all soon. I particularly like the one about the UKTV channel Dave that you also work for and finding something being shwon on a TV there very random on a random TV channel about something as random as jewellery! Randomness rules!

    All the best, and keep up the fun - all worthwhile. :)

    AKA Mr Stock :)

  • Comment number 2.

    The Jonas Brother Seem To Be Very Down To Earth Not To Mention Hott.

    the open top bus looked great fun.. wish i was there...loved the pirate game. haha!

    Love your new Blog

    brap brap

    Sarah In Luton

    xxx = )


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