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    Miley was in the Live Lounge with Fearne the other day and I HAD to try and meet her.

    A couple of months ago, I decided to get my bits out and recreate her ‘Wrecking Ball' video - if you haven’t seen it – here it is…

    When she came in, I had one opportunity to try and outdo her.  I got naked again. Oh, and I brought my ball too… she didn't seem too put off?

    When Greg met Miley

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    Good news everyone.

    Well, good news if you like me that is.  I HAVE BEEN GRANTED A PODCAST!  So now, you have NO excuse to miss the show.  It’s weekly, so it’ll have all the best bits from the week – including:  Ask The Nation, Star Caller, Rage Against The Answer Machine, BIG guest interviews, dodgy impressions and extra special exclusive stuff from Chris Smith with The News!

    Plus loads of other weird stuff from my head. It should be fun, and it's freeeeee.

    This is where you need to be to get your mitts on it. 

    Look, there's a fancy picture and everything...



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    A ridiculous amount of guests and weird stuff happened.


    First One Direction reading out your Fan Fic dressed as old ladies.




    Then Keith Lemon broke into my house.  I had NO idea about it whatsoever. Awful for me, great for you lot.




    Top that off with some exclusives from The X Factor judges and that’s a pretty good week.




    I’m off on holiday.  What a great summer. As ever, thank you for listening and watching all the stupid stuff I get up to.  Without you lot, I’d just be an idiot in a room talking to myself xx

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    I'm broken, bruised and a bit delirious from lack of sleep but what a ruddy marvellous week. I've absolutely LOVED visiting the wonderful people of Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We've made it to T in the Park and the sun is still shining! In fact, it's bloody boiling.

    My show is coming from site in Kinross this afternoon. Lots of people are arriving with all their camping gear and serious amounts of beers, son. I'm doing the telly for BBC3 all weekend, weeyyyyyyy! 

    I'll have some very special guests on my show today - the wonderful hosts that let this idiot into...

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    Life as I know it will never be the same again.

    This is the 'experience' I was put through when I arrived at my final Sofa Surfing stop in Glasgow. That ridiculous blindfold came off and I was greeted by the lovely Trish... and the not so lovely backside of a cow. Which I was then made to milk. What I felt inside when I first put my hands on those teets... oh my god. Harrowing.

    Of course the cow was called Daisy.

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    We're in glorious Glasgow this afternoon after waking up in Edinburgh this morning. Two absolutely wonderful cities. Running around Scotland is so much fun.

    Today's show is coming from Pacific Quay which is way better than London - the canteen is amazing and I can drink water in the studio. IMAGINE THAT. I'm staying here.

    So after the show in Edinburgh I was made by my horrible bosses to put the stupid blindfold back on and was driven to the third host's house - which was the lovely India and her three flatmates Hattie, Fiona and Ailis.

    I say lovely... they made me sing (badly) on...

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    Ohhhhh Aberdeen.

    Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen.

    Night 2 of Sofa Surfing could NOT have been more different from Inverness. The lovely Rachel and her spooky house with the naked ghost monk is a distant memory.

    I took off the blindfold after the show yesterday to find myself in the middle of a scrum. AGHHHHHH. Now I love rugby, but I do not love playing rugby. So being surrounded by 20 burly ladsladslads was not ideal. They made me train with them, and I have the scars to prove it:


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    Good afternoon from Aberdeen!

    We made the 100 mile trip from Inverness for Day 2 of Sofa Surfing. Great night last night with Rachel and her friends in the haunted house on the banks of ‘The Black Water’ – and I wasn’t felt up by the naked monk ghost either. Always a bonus.

    Have a look at the ghost walk we went on.

    Many thanks to Scott Mills for my ‘gift’ for Rachel – a framed...

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    Show in Inverness done. Now off to the first listeners house! This blog is the home of all the fun stuff from this week. 

    It's been a busy first few hours here in Inverness. I lived the life of a rock star yesterday (kind of). Saw Murray win Wimbledon on Centre Court at 5:24pm then dashed straight to the plane at 5:30pm. PERFECT TIMING thank you Andy!

    We arrived at a buzzing Inverness, the place was so happy, the weather was good and we had a very entertaining eve in with the locals.

    The whole point of this trip is to hang out with the listeners. And that's exactly what we're doing ahead of...

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    Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts, Sofa Surfing 2013 has begun...