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Who wants to be our Police Commissioner?

Graham Smith | 14:26 UK time, Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Time is running out for the potential runners and riders in the race to become the elected Police Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall. Here are some key facts:
  • The election will be on 15th November
  • The election deposit is £5,000
  • The election will be run using the "Supplementary Vote" system.
Only the Conservative and Labour parties have so far decided they will definitely field candidates. The Liberal Democrats, nationally, say they can't afford it don't want to make law & order a "political" issue (that's what they said) but the Devon & Cornwall regional executive, meeting this weekend, might take a different view. LibDem Voice has done a good job covering this internal party debate.

Conservative MPs Oliver Colville (Plymouth Sutton) and George Eustice (Camborne & Redruth) are currently "talent spotting" but a Tory HQ spokesman told me that being chummy with Oliver and/or George would not necessarily make a difference.

"Anyone can apply - there is a form on our website," he said. "Applications come to Central Office, there will be shortlisting and interviews to decide on an approved panel, and then local parties will decide for themselves how to select. In Devon and Cornwall local constituency associations will come together to decide if they wish to run open primaries, make a decision at a meeting, or run postal ballots. It is very much for local associations to make the key decisions themselves."

Labour hopefuls have until 29th February to get their hats into the ring. Party bigwigs in London will draw up a shortlist for each police region - each shortlist will have at least one woman - and then individual members will be balloted in May, with the Labour candidate in place by June.

The United Kingdom Independence Party has yet to decide if it will take part. "That's something our national executive will have to consider in the next 4-6 weeks," a UKIP spokesman said.

Mebyon Kernow has decided not to field a candidate and the Green Party has yet to respond to my question.

Update: Green Party says it has yet to decide, but think it's unlikely to join the fray in Devon and Cornwall.


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