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How to cut off your nose to spite your face

Graham Smith | 13:51 UK time, Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I wasn't at County Hall for yesterday's meeting of Cornwall Council, and eagerly await the recording of proceedings on the council's excellent webcasting service. I am particularly intrigued by the reports I've heard about whether or not the council's chief executive Kevin Lavery should be the returning officer for elections to chose a Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner next year.

Apparently the idea of a Cornwall Council official getting his hands dirty by supervising elections which include people from Devon so outraged members that they would prefer the elections to be supervised from outside the county. The council appears to have ignored the fact that these are elections for the Devon & Cornwall Police Commissioner (the clue is in the title.)

Councillor Jude Robinson
has blogged on this and I hope to have more to say once I've seen the webcast.


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    I will be interested to know what you think after watching the webcast Graham, there's some discrepancy between councillor Robinson's blog on the one hand and cllr Wallis and cllr Cole blogs which both highlight different aspects of the decision. Despite Jude's comments that Cornish councillors voting against this move wasn't 'grown up' politics I think the situation was slightly more complicated. I look forward to watching the webcast myself and seeing for myself if anything was mentioned about the planned gross underrepresentation of Cornwall on the new board.


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