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Crisis? What crisis?

Graham Smith | 09:32 UK time, Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lib Dem councillor Jeremy Rowe Tweets:

"Disappointed there were no live tweets from the Cornwall Council Tory Group's crisis meeting last night."

To which Conservative councillor Steve Double replies:

"So sorry about the lack of service but couldn't imagine why you would be interested."

Rumours of a Tory backbench plot to oust thier group leader, Alec Robertson, are almost certainly exaggerated. But they definitely exist. From three different sources, I have heard variously of 12, 15 and even 22 Conservative councillors signing a letter calling for Alec to go - to be replaced by Truro councillor Fiona Ferguson. Fiona tells me it's all news to her.

Another Conservative councillor, declining to comment on rumours of plots or conspiracies, says last night's gathering was an informal affair - and that it'll all be cleared up at a formal group meeting on 6th April. My money is on Alec's survival as leader, but I forecast changes to the Conservative part of the council cabinet come the time of the annual council meeting in May.

My challenge to the rebels: Enough gossip. Show me the letter.



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