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  1. Production Apprentice

    Production Apprentice: Robert Taylor's adventures and experiences working with BBC News

    Robert Taylor reflects back on his October-December placement block.

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  2. Production Apprentice

    Production Apprentice: David Winfield on his developing confidence, communication skills, and cold fingers.

    The wit, words and wisdom from an apprentice in Radio Drama, well, the attempt at least. From filming for Comic Relief to researching Russian Military History of the 18th Century, David Winfield rambles on once more, aspiring to be useful and tell you how amazing the BBC is.

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  3. Production Apprentice

    Production Apprentice: Olivia Nielsen on working at CBeebies, Sports Personality of the Year, and standing in the cold dressed as a pirate

    From a GCSE in media studies, directing theatre and retail to becoming a BBC Production Apprentice - Olivia tells us about her experiences working across editorial and production in Children's.

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  4. Production Apprentice

    Production Apprentice: David Winfield looks back on his adventures throughout the BBC so far

    Bananas, Ambridge… Oh and Russian Tsars. Just the average apprentice life in Radio Drama, but not the average blog…

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  5. Production Apprentice

    Production apprentice: Alex Owen on his time at the Archers

    Production Apprentice Alex Owen explains his role in creating sound effects for BBC Radio 4's long-running drama The Archers.

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  6. Production Apprentice

    Production apprentice: James Payton on his first weeks working at BBC Radio

    Stereo? Mono? Too loud? Too quiet? Sample some first impressions from James Payton on his placement at MediaCityUK in Salford, working on Radio Four with a fantastic team and of course, his heroine Winifred Robinson.

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  7. Production Apprentice

    Production apprentice Jess Panchani, runner on Rio 2016: Parade of Heroes

    The first blog post by production apprentice Jess Panchani where she explains what her first few months at the BBC has been like.

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