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  • Broadcast Operator

    Millions around the world watched it, tweeted about it, and snap chatted it. That, of course being the 2018 Royal Wedding. However, few were lucky enough actually to be inside the grounds, working on the broadcasting aspect, ensuring those around the world got the best coverage possible.

    The broadcasters descended into Windsor a week before the wedding itself. Working for radio, Monday and Tuesday’s tasks were primarily rigging. We had to connect the SAT (satellite) trucks to all the power supplies, and connect the truck to the BBC porta cabin. However, although the cabin was just across the path, the palace didn’t want anything at all on the road so we had to feed it up the road, into the foliage, over and across the top of a purpose-built structure, back down, into the foliage at the other side and down opposite side of the path into the porta cabin.

    During the week there were multiple radio broadcasts from inside Castle Hill, along the Long Walk – which when I was sent to...

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  • Every year in May, thousands of lawyers, paralegals, and apprentices descend on Central London to walk (or run!) 10k in the London Legal Walk. This year, I joined the BBC Legal Team in the march to promote access to justice and to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust.

    I joined the BBC as a Legal Trainee in September 2017. Since then I have been involved with a wide variety of work, from negotiating access to film the police for the TV programme ‘Panorama’, to drafting a contract for a loan to an independent production company. I have supportive supervisors who encourage me to gain experience in different teams throughout the business and take up training opportunities. As a result, I have learnt a lot about the business and I have had the opportunity to work with many different people. I was excited to take part in the Legal Walk because it supports a great cause, but I was also keen to have a good catch-up with my colleagues across the BBC!

    The 23-strong BBC team...

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  • Digital Journalism Apprentice

    If you’ve just started in the newsroom, it can be a confusing, complex and intimidating place. So here is a brief guide explaining the key things you need to know.

    I have spent more than a year in a radio newsroom and used equipment for TV and radio broadcast and become conversant with the operation of news studios.

    Normally you’ll be recording radio packages, vox pops and interviews using a range of equipment and editing software, depending on the resources of your newsroom.

    At the BBC we usually use an internal editing programme called Startrack and an audio system named Dira Highlander where all recorded audio is normally kept and the full audio from every show is saved. Dira Scheduler is used to place audio in the correct running order for the show so it can easily be played out.

    Audacity is a free to download audio editing software and TwistedWave is a free online audio editor for when you’re out of the office.

    You might use a Flashmic - basically a microphone which records...

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  • Cyber Security Apprentice

    I joined the BBC in September 2017 and it’s been a great and exciting journey to date. The working environment, opportunities and personnel employed here are responsible for this!

    I’ve been able to develop at a very proud rate here at the BBC through several reasons, the main one being the care and consideration for my personal and professional development shown by colleagues and senior...

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  • Cyber Security Apprentice

    “I joined the BBC’s Cyber Security team in September 2017 on an 18 month apprenticeship. I decided to apply for this scheme after realising that University wasn’t the right route for me, and knowing that I would be more suited to, and benefit more from, an apprenticeship. I applied based purely off of an interest for learning more about cyber security and hopefully pursuing a career in the field, as it’s such a fast-growing and interesting industry.

    The BBC is a fascinating place to work, with everyday presenting me with a new opportunity to develop in my role. Since starting my...

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  • Shamaan with Vanessa Feltz and the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine team

    Just under six months ago I was told that I had been hand picked to be the second recipient of the Claire Prosser Bursary award. There are no words to describe just how proud and honoured I felt to be recognised for the hard work that I had put in to secure a career in journalism; I was also extremely grateful for the financial contribution, and super excited to start the placements that had...

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  • Work Experience

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    “As the first recipient of the Claire Prosser Bursary Award, your university fees will be taken care of and you’ll be doing lots of work experience. Your first week is with the London.”

    “I’m sorry, I think you’ve dialled the wrong number.”

    As it transpired, The National Council for the Training of Journalists hadn’t dialled the wrong number, and so, here I am, one year on from that...

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  • Production Trainee

    It all started when the production trainee scheme shipped me off to the Natural History Unit in Bristol. I was joining a series called Tribes, Predators and Me. The production office was wonderfully welcoming. They gave me the tools to do the work and guided me throughout the process. After a month I was writing a script for one of the episodes! Sure, it went through a dozen more changes after that, but fact of the matter is that I jumped that initial hurdle.

    Soon I was researching an episode about hyenas. The PD (producer-director) asked me to research the Omo valley in Ethiopia, one of...

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  • Local digital journalism apprentice

    We were sitting in the BBC Academy learning about broadcast regulation when Theresa May made her surprise announcement and called a snap election. I'd had the opportunity to help cover the US elections in November, but I never thought I’d be covering another one so soon. Two months later I was heading for the BBC’s Elstree Centre where the main election night studios were based.


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  • Production Apprentice

    Thrilling. One word to describe the whirlwind that has been my first two months into placement on my production apprenticeship as a cameraman (or as it’s more officially titled, a broadcast camera journalist) in BBC News.

    I’ve been up and down the country with my mentor covering a whole plethora of stories, whether it be doing lives onto the One O’Clock News amid the 100mph wrath of Storm Angus on Brighton Beach, filming GVs (general views) at a restaurant in Soho due to its norovirus outbreak or Prince Philip and Prince Harry opening the Field of Remembrance, it’s been a fantastic start...

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