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The curtain falls on a shinty season to remember

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Gary Innes | 16:19 UK time, Tuesday, 19 October 2010

As the Premier League came to a close on Saturday, Glenurquhart took both points against Kingussie in this season's final fixture.

Calum Miller and Neale Reid scored for Glen, while Ronald Ross was the man to bag King's only goal. Despite the loss, Kingussie held onto third spot over Kyles Athletics on goal difference.

Looking back over this incredible season, we saw Kingussie lifting the MacTavish and MacAulay Cup in this their transitional season, while Fort William's amazing win in the Camanachd Cup saw them lift the Scottish for the fourth consecutive year.

And, of course, we had the closest Premier League battle in many, many years.

The trophy remained in Badenoch. However, this time it was Newtonmore that won the spoils rather than neighbours Kingussie, after an outstanding campaign under manager Brick MacArthur.

Glenurquhart and Kingussie played out the last Premier League match of the season

I'm not sure anyone could have predicted just how this year panned out. From top of the league to bottom, it has been a real rollercoaster ride.

And this has been great for the sport, with trophies going to different clubs, making it more interesting for the media, fans and clubs alike.

Taking a quick look at next season, we will see a new Camanachd president, as Duncan Cameron's term comes to an end in April 2011. The hunt to find a new man commenced last week, and nominations will be open until 15 November, if any of you fancy applying.

The president's role is often a thankless task, and I feel shinty would really benefit from new blood in this position. Obviously, it has to be someone who is heavily involved within the sport, but going back to predecessors, for me, is a step backwards and should be avoided if possible.

The end of every season brings the curtains down on a few careers. I often think this is a sad time and I'm sure many feel the same when you have worked very closely with a great bunch of guys for so long.

However, time stops for no man and that's just the way it is, so for all the stalwart warriors of the game hanging up yer boots for the last time, I wish you well.

Looking back on a thrilling season, I have decided to dish out a few useless awards.

Best team played against: Newtonmore

Best young player: Thomas Bothwick (Kingussie)

Best looking supporters: Highland girls

Best haircut: John Barr (Glenurquhart)

Worst driver: Peter Curry (Kyles Athletic)

Do you have any other suggestions?

I would personally like to thank BBC Scotland for giving myself, and shinty, this wonderful opportunity to keep people informed throughout this season.

I would also like to thank you for reading, and to the folk that comment and keep it interesting.

I hope you all have a lovely winter, and the turkey and stuffing doesn't add too many pounds on.

Until next year folks, Oidhche Mhath.


  • Comment number 1.

    Alright Gary?
    You are right, what a great season, especially for the neutral shinty follower.
    Just want to pick up on a couple of things.
    This hasn't been the most closely contested premier league in years, Newtonmore lost by a couple of goals last year, 1 point the year before that, and they won the league by 3 points this season, therefore the biggest winning margin in 3 seasons.

    Also, as much as I appreciate Thomas Borthwick is a great wee player, any one who knows any thing about shinty knows that Rory Kennedy is the best young player in shinty by a mile. I thought you would of known that yourself given you've spent a fair bit of time in his back pocket the last couple of seasons. ;-)

    Good luck in Dublin in a couple of weeks time, hope you and the boys manage a victory!

  • Comment number 2.

    Gary just want to say well done on your blogs, I've really enjoyed hearing your stories and opinions over the season, made for very entertaining reading. I am looking forward to more of the same next season, that's if the BBC hasn't offered buckshee08 the job for his ever so accurate account of the shinty league results over the past three years! ;) I also agree with yourself that Thomas Borthwick would have to be the best new young player. Good luck for Dublin to you and the team.

  • Comment number 3.


    Great to see your blogs adding to the increased profile of shinty this year.
    Have to say I don't think a return to a predecessor for the presidency is a bad idea although I think the return to Cameron was a massive mistake - if John MacKenzie stood again, I think he'd be a great president. (even though he's a Newtonmore man!). I can't imagine a Donald Stewart or a Richard Gall or a Daniel MacIntyre or indeed any member of the current board being an inspiring leader for the sport especially when having to deal with the real funders like SportScotland and all that. Funding will be tight in the cuts and the grassroots of shinty will be forgotten as usual.
    The sport needs some from fresh blood at the top although like you say it is probably a thankless task.
    Looking forward to next season's blogs with lots of Kingussie wins being mentioned!

  • Comment number 4.


    Thank you for your comment however the opinions that I express are solely my own.
    Rory Kennedy is for sure an outstanding player and there is no denying that, but I feel Thomas Bothwick, a 16 year old lad stepping up into the most successful club in modern day history, and to contribute the way he has done in his first season, has earned this nomination from myself. However everyone has their own opinion.

    I also wrote "And, of course, we had the closest Premier League battle in many, many years"

    I never once mentioned it was for the title. I believe from top to bottom we have had the closest Premier season in many years. Both title and relegation battles were decided on the last game of the season, out with all the other league battles, thus making it the closest season for many years.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Thank you for your best wishes regarding the Internationals, I hope you enjoy them also ;)

  • Comment number 5.

    OMG I'm looking at the news and it say's read Gary Innes blog, I said to my friend I used to know a guy who went to Thurso college called Gary, haven't seen him in ages, last time I saw him he was in glasgow and I was passing through, last time I spk to him he was going to the queens gafe for lunch lol I click on the blog and it really is YOU!! Hope your well mary x


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