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A Chelsea Show Garden - press day

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Tom Hoblyn Tom Hoblyn | 07:00 UK time, Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Yesterday was Press Day at Chelsea. I sat in the pavilion reflecting on the whirlwind that has been the last few days. It has been frantic since my last blog. At 9pm on Sunday I finally declared the garden finished and the contractors practically wept with relief. They have done a fantastic job.

I was back on site at 6am doing some last minute deadheading and cleaning of the pool. Gusty winds have been whipping through Chelsea in the last few days leaving a trail of debris in their wake and my pool has suffered the consequences.

Tom Hoblyn's Chelsea Show Garden 2011

(Photo: Jon Enoch)

At 8.30am the Chelsea judges came for their final assessment so we made ourselves scarce - time for a well-earned breakfast.

Then it was back to my garden to entertain the hordes of journalists, photographers and celebs who had descended on the show ground to get a first glimpse of the gardens and to see Joe Swift and Andy Sturgeon who are finishing their early morning BBC broadcasts.

I can't describe how I felt yesterday. I will not know the colour of my medal until Tuesday morning, so although press day should be a fun day, the medal worry is constantly on my mind.

The Frootful (Photo: Jon Enoch)

The Frootful (Photo: Jon Enoch)

But back to the garden, where our silver-tailed mermaid - more Disco Diva than Disney's Little Mermaid - is lounging seductively by the edge of the pool while the press photographers snap away. A few hours later, Cornish band The Frootful bring the garden alive and a crowd gathers to sample our Cornish cream teas direct from the Tregothnan Tea Estate in Cornwall. Delicious.

So, now as 3pm approaches and the showground clears in preparation for the arrival of The Queen, I'm getting ready to greet my own Royal visitor. I am very honoured that the Duchess of Cornwall wishes to see my garden and am trying desperately to remember how to greet a Duchess. Do I bow? Do I say Ma'am (like spam)? Not sure.

Just a little time to reflect on my whole Chelsea experience. The build went fantastically thanks to the execution of my contractors and my wonderful team. Regardless of the medal I receive tomorrow, I am truly proud of my garden and all the people who made it happen.

Tom Hoblyn's debut at Chelsea in 2008 resulted in a gold medal, followed by a Silver medal in 2009 and silver Gilt in 2010. Follow the ups and downs of the creation of his most ambitious Chelsea Show Garden to date on this blog in the coming weeks.

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