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No grounds for gardening

Joe Swift | 11:39 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009

Tonight my GW 1 hour special, 'No grounds for gardening', goes out.

I filmed it last summer, zooming around the country as well as visiting Paris to see Patric Blanc's spectacular green walls or 'mur vegetal' as he would have them called. It loosely follows on from my special last year on the subject of garden grabbing - it's simply a sad fact we're all going to have to get used to smaller gardens, with many of us not having any private outside space at all. But does that mean we have to live without plants and miss out on all the hugely beneficial effects they have on us? Well the programme explores just how important it is to grow and come into contact with vegetation especially in the harsh city, even if we have very limited space.
I meet many passionate people and look at their varied, often inspirational and stunning projects (a mixture of both professional and amateurs). It demonstrates how the imagination can often transcend the issues of space, budgets and lack of official collaboration.
I hope the programme will go beyond appealing to keen gardeners (the converted) who already value these spaces and that it will also inspire those less horticulturally interested who might have a go and simply grow what they can wherever they can for the benefit of us all. Please watch, and hope you enjoy!


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