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Waiting for spring

Joe Swift | 14:56 UK time, Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I fear that you may have come to my blog for a little cheering up. But this week it's a dark, gloomy place.

I'm generally an upbeat, positive thinking chap, but this time of year really gets to me. I know it's coming. Maybe I've got that S.A.D (seasonally affective disorder)? But come on - doesn't everyone in the UK?
I've worked out what it is from the technical angle. It's not the credit crunch, which I think is a recession, or is it now a depression? No, the nub of the problem is in fact the way the Earth rotates and where I live on it in relation to the sun. It's extremely scientific of course, and I could show you the spreadsheets but what it boils down to is that the winter bit between Christmas and Spring is just too bloomin' long! You've gotta agree with me?
I could bear it if a month after Christmas things jollied up, but in reality Jan, Feb and March are all grim and a quarter of the entire year. When the sun occasionally comes out, it's sharp and bright - my favourite weather, and I make sure to get out in it, but in London these days are few and far between and tend to be grey, cold, lifeless months where very little happens. Sorry - I told you to click away!
I've planned a trip up to the allotment with the kids at the weekend as I reckon some good old fashioned aerobic exercise (that'll be digging then) may bring me out of the doldrums and kick start some excitement about spring. Here's hoping anyway, otherwise I'll just have to go to the beauty shop at the end of the road (obviously I don't actually need any beauty treatment- what would they do?) just to sit under a sunlamp of some description and hope it makes a difference! Roll on spring, and please make it an early one. The sooner the better I say.


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