No grounds for gardening

Joe Swift | 11:39 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009

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Tonight my GW 1 hour special, 'No grounds for gardening', goes out.

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Raring to go

Joe Swift | 12:26 UK time, Monday, 16 March 2009

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I'm hoping this year all the basic hard work I put in last year at the allotment is going to pay off.

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Getting stuck in

Joe Swift | 17:44 UK time, Tuesday, 10 March 2009

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The intent and desire to get up to the allotment this weekend was certainly there, but logistically it proved an impossibility. Sunday was out as I worked (giving a talk), but Saturday was packed full of cricket practice, drum lessons, 10 year old birthday parties, wool shopping (for knitting) and football games. On top of that there were the things the kids wanted to do! (Yeah right!- I am a taxi service, I am a taxi service). I did however get a good dose of gardening in as I took advantage of the sunshine for a few hours in between pick ups and drop offs to give the garden a late winter blitz, or is it now an early spring blitz? I quickly warmed up, got down to a tee shirt and it felt great. The winter blues I was moaning about (thanks to those for your encouraging comments) immediately disappeared. I tied in some unruly climbers including roses, Vitis coignetiae and my wall-trained garrya (which is looking particularly fab). I pruned my Salix exigua tree to keep it in shape, thinned out my black bamboo, split some grasses (late winter/early spring is far better than autumn for this task), divided and re-planted a large clump of hardy geraniums and cut back the Clerodendron bungei hard to the ground. This both keeps it at the perfect height and checks root growth to stop it taking over the world. I then tidied up and lightly dug over some of the beds. My new best friends - two sweet little robins - followed me round and chirped as they picked over the newly turned soil looking (and successfully finding) many a tasty snack. I did well too as I completely lost myself in my passion. I now feel re-energised, up for it, and this week I'm heading up to my other plot to really kick start the allotment year. Can't wait.

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