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Tonight's show and things to do

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Production team | 10:56 UK time, Friday, 14 August 2009

Hi All

On tonight's show the team will be battling the rain to bring you all an appealing and informative show. Toby will be planting a coastal-inspired garden on the sandy soils of Greenacre and will be visiting RHS Hyde Hall to get inspiration.

Alys will be adding to and showing us how the bee border is coming on, and will also be revisiting everyone who's taken part in the GROFUN scheme to see how their fruit and vegetables have developed.

Joe will be planting the green roof in his front garden at Greenacre and will be giving us another update from his allotment, where he will be sowing green manure. It's a good time to do this after you have dug up some of your veg crops. The seeds will germinate quickly, so they will prevent weeds and, and when the crop is dug back into the soil this will put some goodness back in that hungry veg have used up.

It's the 'end of term' for Carol's gardening class and in this final lesson Carol explains how to collect, dry and sow seeds. To watch a full set of clips from Carol's gardening class visit Carol's video pages.

Also do tune in tonight to see whether Toby, Joe or Alys will be victorious when we reveal the winners of both the growing bag and carrot container challenges.

August is a good time of year to get ahead of yourself and start on next year's garden plans. Here's a few weekend tasks you can get on with:

  • Start planning and sowing your winter vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, beetroot, carrots and spinach.
  • Check the mulch in your gardens and make sure it hasn't decomposed and add more as needed.
  • Add an even spread of compost and manure, to give a mid-season fertility boost.
  • Keep deadheading, harvesting, saving seeds, taking root cuttings and continuing to remove diseased foliage, to encourage steady growth and keep your garden blooming through the next month or so.

That's all for now, enjoy your gardening weekend.


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