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What's hot and what's not

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Production team | 17:20 UK time, Friday, 15 May 2009

The hot topic for this week's show is you the viewer! We're all extremely impressed with the number of responses we've had, especially with all the pictures and stories about your gardens - some of which will eventually feature in our Me and My Garden and Me and My Shed slots in the programme.

This week's not so hot topic is birds. Not all birds of course but those pesky rooks that are the main culprits that have been attacking our vegetable garden. As a deterrent we got ourselves a model owl for Greenacre. Although rooks aren't naturally predated on by owls Toby feels it's worth a giving it a go.

As a more 'tried and tested' method, Alys and Joe are also using protective netting supported by the wooden stakes which Toby luckily incorporated into his original design for the raised beds.

Have you had any success with bird-scarers or protection? Let us know and add your pictures to our Flickr page - and don't forget to share what's hot and what's not in your garden here on the blog.

Enjoy the weekend in your garden.


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