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Production team | 17:24 UK time, Friday, 17 April 2009

Joe SwiftIt's all go for me at the moment, and that's how I like it. Busy, busy, busy. There are so many projects to do at Greenacre that it can feel a little overwhelming. It's important to break larger projects down into bite-sized chunks, and with that approach in just a few weeks things have moved on nicely.

Some plants are in the ground and it's actually starting to feel like a garden rather than a rugby pitch. Toby and I are building a great working relationship, but having fun with it too, which is important. Surely gardening should be about enjoyment rather than feeling like a hard slog? He has clear ideas about the range of gardens we're trying to create there and sketches them out on paper. I then put my designer hat on, draw them up on CAD, add some embellishments here and there, put in some detail and help work out the best way of constructing them to a budget. So far it's worked well.
Of course Greenacre is a blank canvas, but most gardeners inherit or already have many mature plants, so with that in mind I've been helping a couple redesign their garden to make it more practical and more organised, which in turn will create a more 'designed' and inviting look. Garden design has for too long been seen as something outside of most people's reach, but it really doesn't have to be. 'Bold and simple' has always been my mantra and my 'Design made easy' projects will hopefully get the basic principles of good design across.
And talking of good design, there won't be any tacky water features - they are definitely one for the 'Not Hot' side of the board... what do you think?


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