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Louise Hampden Louise Hampden | 13:01 UK time, Thursday, 17 July 2008


Next week we are filming with Joy Larkcom at Berryfields. She has appeared on Gardeners' World before, many years ago, with Geoff Hamilton. She is a heroine of mine, Alys Fowler and Claire Johnson and we are all really looking forward to her just being in our garden at Berryfields.

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A Series of Fortunate Events

Rosemary Edwards | 12:32 UK time, Friday, 11 July 2008


This summer is the busiest we've ever had and that's not just down to the deadheading, staking and madness of the seasonal maintenance. No I'm talking Clapham Junction busy as a host of much appreciated guests have joined us, giving this summer a party atmosphere. First to arrive at Berryfields was Chelsea golden gardener Andy Sturgeon - taking up the gauntlet to plant up the garden for the senses which Monty started earlier in the year. His beautiful scheme is on the show tonight but keep it quiet because we haven't told Joe yet that his camomile lawn may soon be shaded by a new prunus serrula that Andy's put near to the fence!

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No time to relax

Ben Harris | 14:21 UK time, Friday, 4 July 2008


Well it's Thursday night and I'm tapping this out on my laptop at home - having left the still busy office hard at work behind me...

1-2-3 and relax............

So much is going on back at base camp at the moment it's hard to catch your breath! A chunk of the GW team has been in a mad last push, dotting the I's and crossing the T's, making sure that the Hampton Court programmes are going to sparkle! The rest of us have been beavering away on a huge number of exciting projects. I've actually been out and about on recce's over the past couple of weeks (that's when we go out to investigate potential news/stories/gardens or people for the programme). It's a great part of the job - you get to meet people who are truly passionate about plants and experience first hand the gardens they cherish - I can tell you, I've seen a few corkers recently! We are always on the look out for exciting gardens, news, plants or people who have something to share - whether it is a devotion to a specialist subject or just a great character that we'd all benefit from meeting! If you ever see something or someone and think 'Why haven't they been on GW?' just let me know, it's probably because we haven't found them yet! It's the same if you have any burning issues affecting how you garden; from battling Bindweed to Mildew on your Honeysuckle, if you have a problem you should voice it here. Between the minds of the people who write the blogs and the huge wealth of information in the minds that read them - I'm sure we can find a solution to even the most hideous attack of red spider mite!!

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