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Friction Top 30 of 2009.

Bobby Friction | 15:04 UK time, Monday, 4 January 2010

Here's my top 30 of 2009.  A list I compiled that reflects everything I've played on my 'Friction' show here on the BBC Asian Network.  The reason I used tracks from my 'Friction' show is so I could give you a Top 30 that reflected 'every' desi-centric scene out there from Bhangra to Urban as well as all the great Leftfield & Electronic music.

Playing this stuff out on the BBC Asian Network elicited howls of protest from people who think the Desi Music Industry is only "Bhangra" as well as artists who I've said are important as emerging artists.  Let's just get this clear - this is a top 30 list of tracks that I think defined 2009 on the Friction show - period!  There are artists who didn't make it onto the list with their tracks, who I still think are massively important to the Industry as well as artists who did make it, but only because their track made my head nod n 2009.

To put it simply - it's a Top 30 of my favorite tracks from 2009 - not a statement on an artist's talent, popularity or what I think they will do in 2010.

Listen to the show here!

1.                     Imran Khan -- Amplifier / Prestige Records

2.                     Swami -- Sugarless / Cigale Ent

3.                     Jay Dabhi & Moises Modesto -- Cry For Freedom / Soltrenz

4.                     Engine Earz & DJ Luxy -- Kaliyuga / Positive Thought

5.                     Phaeleh -- Healing (Feat. Indi Kaur) / Urban Scrumping

6.                     Riz MC, Sway & Plan B -- Shifty / True Tiger

7.                     Sahil Charaniya -- Maladaptivity (Feat.Tejas Rathod) / White

8.                     Code Red -- Jind Mahi (Feat. Sarbjit Saab) / Suga Kane Records

9.                     Major Lazer -- Hold The Line (Audio Dakoos Remix)/ White

10.                 Lil Wayne vs Asa Singh Mastana -- A Millionaire vs Kali Teri Cuth (DJ Chintu Mash-Up) / White

11.                 Tru Skool -- Jag Dhe Rehnah (Feat. Gurdas Maan) / Saregama/VIP

12.                 Bombay Dub Orchestra -- Journey (Liquid Stranger's Slip Trip Edit) / Six Degrees

13.                 Cornershop -- Who Fingered Rock n' Roll / Ample Play

14.                 Panjabi MC -- Panjaban / PMC Records

15.                 Jk -- Chooteh Laareh / Vip Records

16.                 B'Bay De Munday -- Bottles Of Jatt / White

17.                 Lomaticc -- Slip & Fall (Feat. Sunnybrown) / 747 Records

18.                 Tanja La Croix -- Habibi / Wikkid Records

19.                 Shizzio -- I Swear (Feat. Tigerstyle) / Jo Daki Ent

20.                 Bandish Projekt -- Sargam Breaks / Bheja Fry

21.                 Rishi Rich -- It Can Only Be Love (Feat. Mumzy) / Moviebox

22.                 MIDIval PunditZ -- Naina Laagey (Munty Remix) / White

23.                 Basement Jaxx -- Scars (Engine Earz Remix) / XL

24.                 Balkar Sidhu -- Charkha (Amarik Singh Remix) / White

25.                 Sukh Knight -- Knightlife / Nasha Records

26.                 Jaz Dhami -- Theke Wali / Sanchez Productions

27.                 Roach Killa -- Pardesan (Feat. Joga) / Moviebox

28.                 Celt Islam & Masala -- Revolution Inside Me / Urban Sedated Records

29.                 Panjabi by Nature -- Aashiq (Feat. Ms Pooja) / Limitless

30.                 Terry Mardi Presents Desi Niche -- If I Was Your Girl (Feat. Jin) / Terry Mardi


  • Comment number 1.

    That track "Jo Daki Ent" was originally released as an instrumental

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  • Comment number 3.

    So, 234 comments about Tim Davies's proposals to close 6 & Asian Network and no response.

    Perhaps that's a good thing, because any response would be along the corporate lines of "aggregating content and refencing brands" we've come to expect from a BBC board better connected with corporate life than cultural life.

    This morning, The Observer, Britain's only quality Sunday newspaper left (due I would add to the individuals central to the current pressure on the BBC) printed a letter from the UK's leading actors. Their message chimes exactly with ours about the concerns of the current BBC board.

    It's been said before that were a politician to be the subject of the same level of discontent as the current BBC Board, they would be forced to resign. It is essential for the wellbeing of cultural life in the UK that the BBC board resign.

    To attack the BBC is to devalue our national culture as a whole

    Letters, The Observer, Sunday 25 April 2010

    Ahead of the forthcoming election, we wanted to raise our concerns about the BBC's future. Over the past few months, leading opposition politicians have suggested that a new government should prioritise cutting the BBC's licence fee. Others have shown a cavalier attitude towards the BBC's independence, calling, for example, for the BBC to sell off Radio 1, to roll back its online activities and to get rid of the BBC's governing body, the BBC Trust.

    The BBC is the most important cultural organisation in Britain and an indispensable part of our society, admired and envied throughout the world. It is right that there is a national debate about the future of the BBC. But attacking it to serve the interests of its commercial rivals would be short-sighted and threatens to devalue not just the BBC itself, but our culture as a whole. We urge people to think about the consequences of their vote for this cherished part of our national life.

    Harry Enfield, Richard Eyre, Stephen Frears, Eddie Izzard, Catherine Tate, Liane Aukin, John Barrowman, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Hugh Bonneville, Jo Brand, Peter Capaldi, Jo Brand, Peter Capaldi, Phil Collinson, Peter Davison, Harry Enfield, Sir Richard Eyre, Simon Fanshawe, Stephen Frears, Nicci French, Romola Garai, Claire Goose, Michelle Hanson, Charlie Higson, Eddie Izzard, Ashley Jensen, Terry Jones, Kathy Lette, Roger Lloyd Pack, Peter Kay, Stephen Mangan, Tony Marchant, Alastair McGowan, Stephen Merchant, Roger Michell, David Mitchell, David Nicholls, Steve Pemberton, Piers Plowright, Jan Ravens, Tony Robinson, Nicola Shindler, Meera Syal, Catherine Tate, Ken Taylor, David Tennant, Rhys Thomas, Harriet Walter, Robert Webb, Arabella Weir, Sam West, Richard Wilson, Susan Woolridge, Stewart Wood


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    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 7.

    Thanks for the show link. Sahil Charaniya -- Maladaptivity (Feat.Tejas Rathod) / White - One of my favourite.

  • Comment number 8.

    Hai Boddy,

    I have enjoyed with most of your releases, especially i often like to listen Basement Jaxx (I like it very much, some of friends were commenting with me when it was released).

    Also Jaz Dhami is interesting. I hope this year(2010) too you would give us many shows than last year. Is there any other option other than BBC Asian Network to listen your show (Because sometimes BBC iplayer mightnot work properly i.e., http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00730pn). If you could provide alternate option it would be more useful.

    Any way best wishes for your future show on the BBC Asian Network. - From cheap charter buses.

  • Comment number 9.

    I really like a lot of the artists on this list. My favorite has to be Lil Wayne. It's a shame about how things went down causing him to go to prison. The fact that someone can go to jail just for carrying a gun is crazy to me. Here in Michigan, that wouldn't happen. It's an open carry state, so I see people carrying their pistol in a shoulder holster all the time. Right out in the open. I think we should reconsider some of the laws in this country. While I've never used any type of illegal drug, I think it's ridiculous that drugs are illegal. Neither smoking marijuana nor carrying a gun should be a crime, and those are the only two things that put this fine artist in a place he didn't belong.


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