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The Seven Year Itch.

Bobby Friction | 17:24 UK time, Tuesday, 25 August 2009

After seven long and rewarding years at Radio 1, I left last week to start the next phase of my creative life.  The reaction has been generally one of shock & surprise followed by confusion.  I just thought I'd write this blog to explain why the Bobby Friction & Nihal show is no more.



To put it simply it was time to wrap things up and start again.  Many creative people understand that the things that drive our artistic engines cannot be turned on and off with a key.  Mood, energy, and believing in what you're doing one hundred percent rank far higher than other emotions that generally don't help when making something original.  With jobs I had before my Radio career started, getting paid was all the reason I needed to clock in at the beginning of the day.  Everything else came second to that pay packet - Hate your boss? Don't like the space? Wrong career path? None of that mattered as long as I got paid...that's what having a job is right?


Well that all changed as Radio 1 freed me to do the job I'd wanted to all my life, and the act of making an innovative show playing a music I'd championed since my teenage years was an artistic utopia.  I got to talk about a scene I had believed in through thick and thin, as well deciding, along with Nihal, how that music was fed to the world at large.  All of this was a rich source of food for my artistic engine.  Along the way I joined the Asian Network to start a show with even more hours on air, and more creative freedom to really push the scene/music forward.

And that brings me to why I'm only doing the 'Friction' show now.  I had been aware for a very long time that me and Nihal were doing a great show on Radio 1 with massive entertainment value that lots of people saw as groundbreaking back in the day when it first started.  Seven years in and the itch started!  I felt the show was OK, but I personally wasn't getting the nourishment I needed musically, and the buzz I got from its innovative sides was diminishing.  This is totally normal as any creative person will tell you when you're in the act of making something you believe in.  Most people get their itches after six months, I think I did pretty well riding out mine till the seventh year!  That my friends is why I needed to make a change.  Asian Music is alive like never before, the Asian Music 'Industry' on the other hand is not in a healthy state, and nor was I mentally. Short of going back into a studio and making music myself, shaking things up a bit on the Radio side of the industry was my little intervention towards a new era in the Desi music scene.  That's why I decided that the last year on Radio 1 should be my last.

Now that I can focus on one Asian Music show, while I do my other media work, I can give one hundred percent of my Radio/Music passion to a new state of play in the Desi scene, as well as in my own head.x


  • Comment number 1.

    Bobby I was really surprised to see you leave the show, I check the site before I left San Diego all is good, I land in London and your name had been removed for the radio 1 site. For a second I thought you got deported, jk. The post makes sense, I wish you the best and hope you will find the artistic freedom your looking for, cheers.


  • Comment number 2.

    Was scratching my head like others when I realised your absence was permanent. You and Nihal seemed inseparable - the Mark and Lard of Desi!

    Those double act vault intervals had me cracking up on the regular, and the show opened whole new vistas of exciting sounds not being heard anywhere else on Radio 1. I know there's a swathe of acts and listeners grateful for what you two did for them week in, week out as a labour of love, not a job.


    अलविदा Bobby. But of course you haven't really left, just changed seats ;)

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  • Comment number 4.

    When i was there i came to know about left form this job, i was so stunned to see such situation. I hope both of you and Nihal would do better performance.. I am very anticipating your release and hearty wishes from cheap bus rentals


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