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I'm Back...

Bobby Friction | 15:26 UK time, Tuesday, 16 June 2009

...On this blog.  Sorry for the last couple of months but we've had a few (ahem) technical issues.  That's all sorted now so spread the word about this Blog!

What do you talk about when you get stuck in a lift with the Sona Family?  No, that's not the start of a Desi joke, its what happened this weekend when I DJ'ed in Switzerland for the Mahamaya club nights 5th Birthday celebrations!


Switzerland is a bit like Germany, in the sense that everything runs on time and they pride themselves on good technology.  You only have to understand how seriously they take the inner workings of a clock (i.e. Cukoo Clocks, Swatch watches etc) to know that their country is a centre of things that run on time and operate smoothly.

Well, forty seconds after the Sona Family came off stage about 1.30am in the morning in Club Bonsoir, Bern we all got into a very small lift to take us to the dressing room.  In this lift..Myself, Kazz Kumar, MC Riz, Harry Sona & George the Swiss promoter started to move down 1 floor...then the life shuddered to a stop - and didn't move again for another five minutes.  "FIVE MINUTES" I hear you scream (with a cynical rasp).  Yes, five minutes...which felt like thirty, as we didn't even have space to turn or move in that lift which was about one metre by one metre.  I went quiet and my chest tightened up, Riz started laughing like an insane clown, Harry giggled like an overgrown toddler with menace, Kazz looked like she was gonna faint, and George the promoter prodded the lift buttons so hard and furiously we thought he had broke the lift!  Remember, this is tiny life without an emergency button in a club with a soundsystem so no one can hear you sccrreeaaaammmmmmmmm!

Anyway - we finally got out and had to leave the club for twenty minutes just to get rid of our claustrophobia.  Everyone is OK and we tore up Switzerland spreading the Desi musical word further and wider..x




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