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What will India & Pakistan put in the mix?

Bobby Friction | 15:11 UK time, Tuesday, 20 January 2009

This weeks Friction Introducing band are B'Bay De Mundey - a Punjabi Rap group based in Mumbai.  Forget the faux radical vibes thrown out by a Bollywood industry desperate to be loved, and forget the current crop of rock/pop-lite bands in both countries desperate to get into Bollywood - This lot are a bonafide 'group' in the 'youth culture' sense..they make tracks just because they want to, and they are in a band because they can.  For us in the west that's a normal start for rock/pop/urban musicians - but in India & Pakistan one always gets the feeling that the only reason artists make music and sing songs as bands, is because they failed to become music directors or Bollywood vocalists. 


With B'Bay De Mundey it's not about pleasing your parents and being an 'everyman' muso.  One problem with any band in Pak/India is no matter how cool they try to project themselves you are always left with the feeling that they want your parents love and have nothing radical in their soul - Kind of like Desi versions of Cliff Richard! Whereas when I heart B'Bay De Mundey I see a new youth-vibe in the subcontinent, a vibe that celebrates freedom of thought and music, a freedom which means music isn't a career but a labour of love. Let's hope this is just the beginning..!


Check them out here



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