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Is Raghav The Desi George Michael?

Bobby Friction | 15:25 UK time, Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I'm not talking about stubble, singing with Elton or getting caught in a sticky situation in a public urinal in Los Angeles!


I'm talking about the George Michael 'Blueprint' - a route many a music industry manager has used when considering what to do next with their 'teen heartthrob' talent.  Its easy you see - you just take your teen star and get them to sing deeper lyrics with a more emotional and intelligent side as opposed to the 'love by numbers' formula used when capturing the tweenie girl market.  The blueprint says "grow up with your fans, and they'll continue to buy your records". The reason I use this in the Raghav context is because right from the beginning he's always had an intelligent mind and it's been obvious he's so much more than the 'pop' that he released on Storyteller.  The other reason I use the George Michael analogy is because no one could have predicted that the man who wrote 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' would go on to write albums as deep as 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1' - and having talked, listened to and followed Raghav's career I think he may just do a 'George Michel' on us...and that's a good thing...isn't it?

Last Wednesday I got to re-check my theory when I watched Raghav sing 4 numbers in a small London venue with a tiny acoustic backing band.  No samples, No big B-lines, not even any electric instruments! Just his voice and a 3 piece string section with some guitars thrown in for good effect.  And to put it simply - he blew me away.

The set up meant I wasn't looking at him, or even doing my usual DJ thing of working out how loud the PA is.  Instead I just got to hear every word and lyric plus every note that his mouth tried to throw out at me.  It was a great introduction to his new music as I instantly realized that he's grown up emotionally in the last 4 years - a lot of the lyrics were as deep as the blue sea compared to his old songs and his voice seemed to reach higher (and lower notes) than before.

This may all change when the album comes out as that is definitely not an acoustic affair and having already heard 'My Kind Of Girl' in all its mastered and mixed down glory I can say hand on heart that the Desi/Hip Hop/R&B heads will be kept happy and wont have to worry about Raghav going down the Country & Western path yet! (He loves Country & Western you know....!)

Watch Raghav LIVE at the City Showcase 2008 here





  • Comment number 1.

    Wow..Just WOW.

    He always sounds so amazing live. Moreso with a live band.

    I love how he looks like he's having so much fun in 'Last Night' haha.

    The videos are just amazing :)

    Looks like Raghav's back for good:)
    And hasnt changed a bit! ( He still looks as tired as ever!)

  • Comment number 2.

    I watched his songs and I like the one called You. I think it was a idea of using the instruments as violiin. He has delicate voice with beautiful vocal ornaments. Handsome talented singer...who creates a romantic fable...BEL CANTO!


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