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Has DJ H become a tax exile?

Bobby Friction | 21:09 UK time, Thursday, 8 May 2008

It looks like it judging by the trailer for his new video and the sound of the new track 'Aaja Aaja'... (Which gets its worldwide premiere on 'Friction' tonight?)

It's a perfect summer mash-up of Arabic strings and desi harmonies.  The rumour is he's made 4 videos (in Dubai) for the upcoming album which all look like Miami Vice meets Masala Rice via the sort of rich Arab guys who wears those flowery Versace shirts!



I remember the first time I went to Dubai I entered a silly (but down to earth) Hounslow boy, and left feeling like a rich Russian Oligarch with a Punjabi beard and designer 'Chaddiyan' ..... (A bit like DJ H & DJ Rags in fact!).

On another note - don't you think DJ Rags looks like Bee2's long lost cousin, and DJ H has lost the boyish West London looks of old and swapped them for that style statement they call "International Brown"?




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