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From tenantspin, residents John and Margo

All entries in this category: The future of the human body

  1. How Do I Look? - Am I Beautiful?

    • John McGuirk
    • 15 Aug 06, 02:32 PM

    We are living in an age that seems to be dominated by our appearance. I don’t mean am I dressed nicely? Do I look smart?

    There is a clamour among certain classes of people to alter their facial features. This yearning to look like an Adonis or A-dianna (The Greek Goddess) is prevalent among people in the entertainment world.

    Cosmetic surgery has become so accessible though still out of range of the average worker that there is a case for saying it is being misused.

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  1. Beauty and Cosmetics

    • Margo Hogg
    • 10 Aug 06, 11:32 AM

    Throughout history, many manufacturers of beauty products have battled against each other, to become the number one provider of creams, lotions, and make up to give the appearance of silky soft skin.

    It isn’t easy to choose the right combination, as TV and Radio advertising gives you the impression that every product is the one and only beautifier you will need.

    So, where do you begin?

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  1. Stress

    • John McGuirk
    • 1 Aug 06, 03:32 PM

    The condition of stress in relation to a medical problem was virtually unheard of 20 years ago. I first heard it referred to as such while visiting a cousin in hospital about 12 years ago.

    We were in the rest room and a nursing sister stopped for a chat. The talks centred on illnesses in general and she pinpointed one particular case she was involved in at that time.

    A man had been admitted to one of her wards and after four days and five different doctors nobody could say what was wrong with him. However they all agreed he was ill.

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