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Sweet or sickly? Valentine's Day ideas

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Ramona Andrews Ramona Andrews | 16:03 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011

Apple with heart-shaped bite


Are you all for kitsch cupcakes, pretty pink macaroons, perfectly melting chocolate fondants (or fondues), human heart cupcakes (yes, these have to been seen to be believed), or simply straight-to-the-heart steak and chips? Most of us have fussed and flapped over a Valentine’s supper at some point in a romance. It’s the time of year when the kitchenware shops wheel out heart-shaped sandwich and cookie cutters, L-O-V-E stencils or massive heart-shaped cake moulds - just in case you want to spread the love.

We’ve got dishes and menus galore if you’re looking to avoid a table-for-two and obligatory rose at your local restaurant - such as this incurable romantic Valentine's dinner. But if you want corny, OK here it is. Years ago I made individual cheesy cheesecakes with “his” and “hers” drizzled over the top in chocolate. My boyfriend was pretty bewildered about it at the time. Now he’s my husband, I think he gets my (ahem) retro taste a little more.

A hopelessly romantic friend of mine put her last Rollo in a little box for a romantic gift. She later gave the same love token to a couple of different beaus, which kills the romance slightly. And then there’s the girl who makes laminated restaurant-style menus for her Valentine’s meals - romantic or just plain weird?

So can you top these romantic food gestures? What’s the tackiest Valentine’s Day food treat you’ve ever made? What’s on the menu this year?

Ramona Andrews is the host of the BBC Food Q&A blog and messageboard.



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