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What's your New Year's food resolution for 2011?

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Ramona Andrews Ramona Andrews | 12:24 UK time, Friday, 31 December 2010

After all the Christmas gorging, many of us put eating less cake or drinking less booze top of the New Year resolutions list - even though scientists have been telling us for years that detox diets are a waste of time and money. If you resolve to get healthy for 2011, do have a peek at the Food Standards Agency's views on New Year food resolutions. But then again, what's the point in setting a resolution you know you won't fulfil?

Salmon in a light, fragrant broth

A fishy resolution?

Far better to set something that might give a little pleasure along the way. Organise that folder of printed-off website recipes you've had lurking in the sideboard all last year; or perhaps start a food blog to share all the great recipes you've been making; or maybe give a different cuisine or new ingredient a go?

My resolution is to try to eat most meals with my son. It will mean getting more organised and eating earlier - on some days as soon as I get back from work - but it's definitely something to strive for.

I asked some BBC chefs and food writers about their New Year food resolutions. Hairy Biker Si King says, "I'd love to spend more time in the kitchen with my youngest son, encouraging him to learn some basic culinary skills", while fellow biker Dave Myers would "really like to continue raising the profile of British cuisine, which is something very close to my heart."

The presenter of new series Baking Made Easy Lorraine Pascal says, "In 2011 I will be growing a lot more of my own food, herbs and leafy veg - the kind which need little or no tendering. I also intend to give up my monopoly on the kitchen and give others a chance to cook (well only a little bit!)"

Baking expert Dan Lepard says he "must spend more time debunking all the bad baking science out there (somehow) and continue to say no to the requests to 'dumb it down' for readers." While food maverick Stefan Gates is as off-the-wall as ever: "My New Year's resolution is to stop making difficult, counter-intuitive, arcane food programmes and instead to write a best-selling romantic culinary bonkbuster novel and bring out my own range of frilly napkin rings in pastel pink. You think I'm joking?"

However Raymond Blanc won't make any promises to himself this year: "Actually, I will not make a New Year's resolution for 2011. In the past I have broken each one. Why set yourself up for disappointment?"

Have you made a New Year's resolution involving food or drink? Comment and tell us about it.

Ramona Andrews works on the BBC Food website.




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