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What's the ultimate rum punch?

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Wayne Collins Wayne Collins | 14:34 UK time, Friday, 27 August 2010

We're doing carnival cocktails to celebrate Notting Hill carnival on Something for the Weekend this week and I'll be making some rum cocktails. In the meantime, check out my ultimate rum punch formula:

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Get the full recipe here.

I'll be popping into the BBC Food Q&A blog from time to time with tips and techniques for making fabulous cocktails. In the meantime, have you made any rum cocktails that you'd like to share here? What carnival food and drink makes your party go with a swing?

Wayne Collins is Something for the Weekend's resident cocktail expert.


  • Comment number 1.

    Wayne, if you do post some tips could you give your ultimate Bloody Mary recipe please. My OH uses one we found printed in a newspaper years ago and it's now lost so has to be mixed from memory only. I think it was said to be Richard Burton's recipe, so it wasn't for lightweights and I know it contained both dry sherry and cream of horseradish as well as all the more usual ingredients.

    Infact as it's anything but festival weather here, I'm enjoying one now to take away the pain of the downpour on a lazy bank holiday Sunday.

    I can't say I'm so keen on cocktails when we're out they often disappoint.

    My daughter had one last week, a Gooseberry and Lemon Thyme Bellini, it was awful. The puree had large pieces of gooseberry skin and all sank to the bottom of the champagne coupe it was served in, no straw or anything to keep mixing it with...not very good, especially at £9.50.
    They weren't offering a classic Mojito or a frozen Margarita so I stuck to champagne as at least I could be sure what I was getting.

  • Comment number 2.

    I would love to check out your ultimate rum punch formula video, unfortuneately it's not available to me. Good old Beeb knows how to make overseas members welcome!

  • Comment number 3.

    denada - not just overseas, I don't attempt video content as my so-called rural broadband connection exists on a wing and a prayer and I usually end up with a few seconds of content followed by a freeze...otherwise I'd watch it for you and report back on our other thread.

  • Comment number 4.

    I cannot view the video either. Oh well, at least the recipe is printed out. We overseas readers will have to make do with that, I guess.

  • Comment number 5.

    As I explained on James Martin's video clip, recent technical changes to the BBC's website mean that overseas users are prevented from seeing video on This is because unfortunately many programmes have broadcast rights restrictions which don't allow us to show content to people outside the UK. Also, broadband content is expensive for the BBC to stream, so we have to give priority to people within the UK, who ultimately bear the cost of us doing this through their licence fee.

    There's some more information here:

    I'm sorry that we can't currently make this video available to people outside the UK.


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