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Welcome to the BBC Food Q&A blog

Ramona Andrews Ramona Andrews | 08:41 UK time, Monday, 16 August 2010

Welcome to the sparkling new BBC Food Q&A blog. I'm your host and I'm looking forward to helping you find answers to your cookery conundrums. We've been running our messageboard for donkey's years now and love the discussion and debate around recipes, cooking methods, curious (and ordinary) ingredients and foodie finds. Now we're keen to get more chefs and presenters from BBC TV and radio programmes involved in what we do, while keeping up the lively discussion. Hence our brand new blog...

Right, so let's get down to the business of this Q&A and give you an A to the very first Q...

Ok, so what's the big idea?

We want this blog to work closely with the Food messageboard. From breadmaking, to slow cooker ideas, to kitchen gadgetry, cooking with children, sustainable food, regional cuisine, vegan cookery...the list goes on... you've been sharing advice and tips for ages... From now on, we'll be on the look-out for questions and topics that are popular/intriguing/downright baffling, then putting them to our chefs, journalists and presenters.

Saturday Kitchen's James Martin, Something for the Weekend's Simon Rimmer and The Food Programme's Sheila Dillon are decidedly in and will be responding to some of your queries (once they're back from holidays!). And if that's not enough for your delectation, there'll be video treats answering your culinary queries. We're hoping our faithful team of non-celebrity experts - many of you! - will continue to step in to offer your guidance.

Plus, each week one of the BBC Food team will do a round-up of notable websites and blogs around a theme. We're hoping you'll contribute by sharing what you've found and perhaps making suggestions on things you'd like us to cover. Leave a comment below with your ideas. If you have a cookery question that needs answering, get stuck into our messageboard.

Blog FAQs

24/08/10 - I've had quite a few questions about the new blog and messageboard, so have decided to put them all in one place...

Why have you started a blog?

We value the enthusiastic community of people who come online to offer advice and share food problems on our popular messageboard. We've decided to focus the combined blog and the new Q&A messageboard around what's most popular with our audience: the sharing of tips, knowledge and expertise.

The combined messageboard and blog gives you the chance to get to the heart of some of the food issues and cookery questions touched on in BBC programmes. We want to get you closer to chefs, presenters, food writers and food industry insiders and the issues that concern them.

What should I expect?

If you need a quick response to your question, we plan to post at least three times a week. Posts will include regular video blogs from chefs such as Simon Rimmer and James Martin and posts from the presenter of Radio 4's The Food Programme, Sheila Dillon. Other experts will also pop onto the blog from time to time to discuss the issues raised in their programmes.

How can I ask a question?

If you need a quick response to your question, get onto the messageboard to hear from other members of the community. The messageboard is also the place to go if you're planning ahead and need help and advice, or if you want to discuss an interesting food issue.

From time to time chefs, presenters and other food experts will host specific threads on the messageboard around a particular issue. We'll let you know in advance about their visit so that you can send in questions. We'd advise against you starting a new thread on the messageboard to ask a chef a question, as the messageboard moves so quickly that it's unlikely to be seen. We can't guarantee your question will be asked and answered, but we'll do our best. However please feel free to comment on any of the issues raised by our contributors on the blog.

Will the contributors answer my question if I comment on a blog post?

We'll be letting the contributors know if their post generates a lot of interest and we'll encourage them to respond to queries when they can, but we can't guarantee that they'll respond directly to your comment.

Why has my post been removed?

Contributions to our messageboard and blog are checked by a team of trained moderators to make it a safe and enjoyable place to be. Contributions need to meet the House Rules, the BBC's editorial guidelines and UK law. Moderators do not post to the messageboard. Find out more about how we check messages.

If you have any other questions about how the blog and messageboard will work, please comment on this post and we'll do our best to answer.

Ramona Andrews is the host of the BBC Food Q&A blog and messageboard.



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