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Belshazzar's Blog Post

Jon Lewis | 14:28 UK time, Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Guest blogger, Paul Sartin of Belshazzar's Feast, writes:

"As Paul Hutchinson has suddenly and conveniently disappeared into the wilds of western France (with the Belshazzar's Feast chequebook and my mother) it has fallen upon me to blog about our recent escapades and other such fascinating ephemera and tittle-tattle. It's been a very busy year for us. In fact, this is pretty much the first time I've sat down since an operation so if I nod off during this you'll have to forgive me.

"The year kicked off with the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, for which we were nominated (for Best Dressed Duo). After we'd recovered (in May) we embarked upon a world tour of the UK and Wales, the highlight of which was my nosebleed at Ely Folk Club. My clothes and oboe were caked spectacularly in blood, and the first half was interrupted whilst I tried to slip into something clean. Unfortunately the only available item of clothing was Paul Hutch's spare t-shirt. During the interval someone asked in all sincerity if it was part of our act.

Paul Sartin (left) and Paul Hutchinson

"As if that wasn't enough, during May we also recorded our new album. This was produced and tampered with by Jim Moray ('eel' go far that one), the sessions being enhanced in more ways than one by a daily lunch of Indian food at a splendid establishment in Easton, and Jim's pressing tiffin habit. We were joined by Pete Flood and Jackie Oates as guest musicians, as they obviously need a leg up in their careers.

"So far this summer we've done a number of festivals, including Tredegar House (part of our outreach programme), Eastbourne (community service) and Holmfirth (again, great Indian food). Sidmouth was a couple of weeks ago, highlights of which included a very silly concert at The Ham supporting Brass Monkey. We were also allowed to perform at a children's concert with Taffy Thomas and young members of the Sartin dynasty; Hutch swears they are his children but they don't have beards. Later in the week, once Hutch was out of the way, I was delighted to appear with Nic Jones - a real musician - in his tribute concert, although Nic was somewhat surprised as he thought it was in honour of Howard Jones.  

"So that's what we've been up to lately, thanks for asking. After Hutch's convalescence it'll be all hands on deck for our September album release, followed by a winter tour of duty - Duty Free, if Hutch brings any back, he ought to seeing as he's in continent."


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