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John Jones Blog - Part 2

Mike Harding | 15:11 UK time, Friday, 12 June 2009

John Jones writes:

It's time to get the boots out again and let the walking do the talking.

I remember what it was I so enjoyed on the first part of the tour, as well as the company and the landscape...that feeling of being free of anxiety. No computer breakdowns, interviews, logistics, or worst of all, WAITING.

Touring with the Oysterband is fantastic, and we musicians do get treated pretty well, it has to be said, but it's unbelievable how much of our job involves waiting around.

Most of the time you just take it as a kind of necessary evil, and try not to think too hard about all the wasted time. But for someone like me, who isn't really into reading or crosswords and the like, the time can really drag.

When we arrived at Wychwood Festival and got back into full band mode, and we were sitting waiting for our slot, I was absolutely itching to be back on the footpath. I suppose it's escapism, really, but it has a focus and a purpose, and each day a new destination.

The less-than-Reluctant Ramblers meet on Sunday for the start of the trek to Leicester and The Big Session. That will complete our 200 miles. But first there are bags to pack and getting geared-up for our first gig in Banbury.

Benji Kirkpatrick joins us, who plays with Seth Lakeman on my new album, Rising Road.

We took delivery yesterday of the first CDs, which is really exciting - this being my first solo project after a 30 year career. It is really satisfying to see the finished product. It's not released until 27 July though, and there are 70 miles to go before then! It will be great to be back 'Rambling' again.



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