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Islands On The Moon - Pure Class

Mike Harding | 15:06 UK time, Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Do you find yourself going back to listen to CDs over and over again because they are just so good?

There are many albums I could list that I play on my mp3 player and in the car because they have that special soul, vibe, call it what you will.

One such CD that I've been going back to again and again is Islands On The Moon by Northern Irish singer and musician Mark Dunlop.

Mark is also part of that wonderful group Malinky and this solo album is, like all the great Malinky albums, pure class.

He has a voice that is raw and urgent and he uses it like an instrument.

His grace notes and slides are simply wonderful and, like all great singers, he is more than a voice, his way with the songs is deep and understanding, quite remarkable.

The CD is really well produced without being over-dressed, ­ great accompaniments and the engineering is faultless.

Highlights? There aren't any. Every track is a real gem.

Hear a track from Malinky's latest album Flower & Iron on my programme this week.


  • Comment number 1.

    Mike: The problem is you don't listen to NEW stuff. You hold the national key for EVERY folk musician in the Country. But you keep the door firmly LOCKED!!

    I remember when you played Darlington years ago - I interviewed you for the now defunct newspaper. You were all about letting new folk music shine through.

    So how about letting new songs like "Tear It Down" get an airing - it's about a council tearing down perfectly good houses in Manchester - or maybe you think that's your territory and yours alone!

    And that's ANOTHER pint you owe me!

  • Comment number 2.

    Does JohnD Lewis really mean that? If he does it is most unfair and inaccurate. I must admit to not liking some of the old stuff (and some of the new stuff) but I think the show strikes a good balance between the old and the new. Keep up the good work Mike. By all means play 'Tear it down' - if it is good enough, not just to give in to JohnD.

    Do you owe me a pint too now? Cheers.

  • Comment number 3.

    I have to admit just recently I've been going back to ' Roots ' by ' Show of Hands ' a blazing track off a great CD.


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