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Fairport Convention Tour Diary Blog - Part 4

Mike Harding | 15:07 UK time, Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention writes:

The van is set to leave our hotel at 12:00. This sometimes mythical goal is set and agreed on the night before, usually by our tour manager supreme Nigel Reaville.

It works pretty well most of the time, unless you're the one that wasn't paying attention, in which case one's late arrival to the van with everyone else sitting in it, with the luggage packed and engine running, can only be defended by those immortal words: "nobody told

I'm not a great breakfast type, so I usually have an in-room alternative of instant porridge.

I try to make sure my mobile phone and iPod are charged up over night, which leads to the plug socket hunt!

I could write a book about the unfeasible places I have found them - sometimes having to boil a kettle by standing on one leg, on tiptoe, with the kettle balanced on several books on top of one's outstretched arm.

Today we have a short journey from Huddersfield to Burnley, through some fabulous countryside.

The van window becomes the best HD flat screen you could buy, each turn and twist of the van revealing such views that more than make up for the fact that this, being day 24 of van travel, I am developing a floating above the seat sensation due to the fact that my buttocks down to the feet have taken a holiday in the feeling department - it is quite
cosmic actually.

We get to the hotel, via a lunch stop, in time to have an hour in our rooms before heading off to sound check.

Burnley Mechanics is an old friend to the band. I think the band have played there for 23 out of the last 25 years - a great venue and a lovely

Phil Cool and Ken Nicol who are opening up for us on this tour have a cracking night as well.


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