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And now?

Nick Ericsson Nick Ericsson | 14:31 UK time, Sunday, 20 February 2011

So Yoweri Museveni has another term in Uganda. We predicted it in the January to March issue of the magazine and it has come to pass. Not much of a surprise though considering the amount of money spent by Museveni on the campaign. It's interesting that it comes on the weekend that Libya, Morocco and Tunisia are rocked by more pro-democracy protests. And it's quite telling that the Ugandan leader has had to state his positon on the chance of North Africa-style protests happening on his own turf. He's not worried apparently because Ugandans are 'revolutionaries' while people up north are 'office workers'. But much like Alassane Ouattarra on the other side of the continent in Ivory Coast, Uganda's embatteled oppoistion leader - Kizza Besigye - is calling for people to hit the streets to voice displeasure at the outcome. We know how Laurent Gbagbo responded to those who heeded Ouattarra's call. Will Kampala also load - and fire - its guns on its own people?

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