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Show time!

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Sam Youd Sam Youd | 15:51 UK time, Tuesday, 21 July 2009

There's no turning back now the garden is finished and despite the torrential downpours and the blustery weather it is looking good!

We had a 'near miss' Saturday when one of my staff lost his footing on the top of the cave and nearly disappeared -just managing to save himself at the last moment.

Last minute tasks are in hand: putting in the posts to hold the rope to prevent marauding crowds from surging forward and destroying the garden; final positioning of the skull and bones; briefing of the staff on the plants, plan and the final tweak on the garden itself.

The judges' scouts have already been about. They are the ones who try to ascertain what medal an exhibitor deserves and also to warn what 'horrors' or otherwise they may face at the next exhibit.

I nearly missed meeting up with them as they were earlier than their allotted time and I was busy helping someone across the other avenue.

However it all worked out in the end and I think I may get a 'highly commended'. Watch this space!


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