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Dry ice and forked lightning

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F1 Mole | 15:16 UK time, Saturday, 4 April 2009

Mole thought it was the Brits who were obsessed with talking about the weather.

But here in Malaysia it seems everyone is getting in on the act - and happily when it comes to matters meteorological the normal competitive instinct of the F1 paddock is put to one side.

Everyone, it seems, is happy to share tips on how to beat the heat.

Take Sebastian Vettel. The German driver has a novel technique for dealing with the oppressive conditions - he puts a bag with dry ice in his pants, "so at least they stay nice and cool".

Jenson Button celebrates in the paddockMole doesn't have access to anything as sophisticated as dry ice, so improvisation is the order of the day. Saturday's qualification took place in probably the toughest conditions of the week.

The BBC team was tested to the limits of their endurance. At times the production office resembled an outpost of the French foreign legion, as pit lane reporters, producers and pundits alike sought shelter from the broiling weather.

But just as everyone starts to get used to the heat, Sepang provides another twist.

Within minutes of beaming Jenson Button's pole position press conference, the sky suddenly turned black, the heavens opened and the paddock was scattered to the safety of the team rooms.

We were treated to a spectacular electrical storm of the kind that makes you wonder if the world is about to come to an end. Thankfully it didn't - we survived and it's now as hot as ever, all over again.

Mole isn't used to this kind of thing. Surrey it ain't.

And what to wear for race day? Perhaps a combination of skimpy briefs and sou'wester will do the trick...


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