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Horizon on Everest

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  • Kay
  • 3 Oct 06, 01:39 PM

Just a quick note to list the summiteers from Xtreme Everest:

Mike Grocott
Sundeep Dhillon
Hugh Montgomery
Jon Morgan
Paul Gunning
Chris Imray
Dan Martin
Patrick Doyle
Maryam Khosravi

A sad and unplanned trip to lower altitudes

  • Guest
  • 19 Sep 06, 05:00 AM

Would sir like a massage as well?

I have just had a beard trim in the small town of Zhangmu (2371m) on the Tibetan/Nepalese border by an attractive Tibetan woman, and this was the somewhat ambiguous offer that she has made to me.

36 hours ago we were at Cho Oyu Base Camp (5600m) packing for a further acclimatisation climb, when a call came over the VHF radio saying a climber from another group had collapsed and could we help. Jon Morgan, Chamonix guide, anaesthetist and old climbing friend and I set off at speed to help. Climbing over the moraine and glacier to 5900m (the same height as the summit of Kilimanjiro) was hard work but we managed it in just under half the guidebook time. The climber appeared to have had a stroke. After we had stabilised him with oxygen, intravenous steroids and aspirin the Sherpas organised a stretcher evacuation to Base Camp. The speed and efficiency with which they work was a sight to behold, almost like a steam train as they took it in turns to lift and lower the casualty over the treacherous terrain.

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Introducing Mike Grocott

  • Mike Grocott
  • 10 Sep 06, 05:43 AM

Hi my name is Mike Grocott and I am the expedition leader of the Xtreme-everest Cho Oyu 2006 expedition and also the director of Xtreme Everest. Two weeks in and it is hard to imagine things going better. We have had the usual complement of mild AMS (acute mountain sickness) and coughs and colds but despite this we have achieved all our base camp science goals ahead of time and the team are working (and playing) very well together.

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Xtreme Exhaustion

  • Hugh
  • 9 Sep 06, 10:33 AM

Saturday morning- and exercise testing continues. Fortunately, this mornings test was gentler for me than that of yesterday....
Yesterday started well: I awoke due to be turned into a cyborg, with arterial line inserted for cardiac output monitoring, nasogastric tube (a tube through the nose into the stomach) to monitor oxygen supply to the gut), pads to muscle to monitor its oxygenation,ánd to skull to monitor that to the brain. However, after fasting from midnight, it turned out that the company had packed the wrong lead for the cardiac output measures! With testing deferred, I went for a walk with Mark Wilso, heading east across the glacial valley, wading through (very cold!) glacial streams and rivers to reach an abandoned village. From there, up an escarpment, and a walk along a ridge some 300m above us (at about 5280m). A wealth of delicate small flowers to be seen, as well as some wildlife- a giant colourful catepiller, and two of the biggest hares we have ever clapped eyes on.

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Mac's intro

  • Mac
  • 7 Sep 06, 04:55 PM


My name is Mac and I'm the Expedition Manager for the Xtreme Everest Expedition. I'm writing to you from our Base Camp in Tibet which is approximately 5000 meters (16,250') above sea-level.

Organsing all aspects of the expedition equipment is my main role within the team. This includes arranging equipment sponsorship (we currently have nearly 50 companies on board), deciding what equipment we will need, problem solving, the movement of equipment from the UK to expedition location, assisting with the marketing and PR of the expedition and acting as Base Camp Manager.

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