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  1. Waxing lyrical – the weird and wonderful lyrics of Eurovision

    Friday 9 May 2014, 22:09

     Dr Eurovision Dr Eurovision

    The Eurovision Song Contest is well known for its outrageous costumes and outlandish songs. Writing songs in a language other than the native tongue is a challenge, however as this list shows, we’ve got a bit of a chequered history in the UK when it comes to song writing. Whilst some songs might get lost in translation, they can provide for some amusing lyrics. This is an affectionate retrospective of some of the bizarre lyrics and songs from over the years.

    20) Belarus 2014 – Cheesecake


    Teo (Belarus): 'Cheesecake'

    Kicking off with this year’s entry from Belarus, singer Teo sings “I look over all the maps trying to escape ‘cause I’m tired of your sweet cheesecake”. Perhaps try a different dessert then?

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    19) Ireland 2000 – Millennium Of Love

    Eamonn Toal Ireland 2000

    Despite singer Eamonn Toal’s sickly lyrics, Ireland finished 6th in 2000. “Celebrate the new millennium of love, where our footprints leave a harvest for the children”.

    18) Austria 1997 – One Step

    Stemmen I mit liv - Denmark 1997

    Poor Bettina Soriat didn’t far too well for Austria in 1997, getting just 12 points in total. The translation goes: “Love is no bounced cheque, bad man. Oh… sex with you passes by as fast as the spaceship Enterprise”.

    17) UK 1991 ...

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  2. The top 10 song contest controversies

    Saturday 3 May 2014, 14:01

     Dr Eurovision Dr Eurovision

    Controversy and the Eurovision Song Contest go hand in hand. From Paul Oscar’s raunchy leather-clad performance for Iceland in 1997, to the presenter’s skirt ‘accidently’ coming off in 1985, to the 1981 Yugoslavian jury spokesperson announcing “no I don’t have it” when asked for the votes, Eurovision always throws up surprises and scandals. It’s the perfect mix of high drama and tension which has kept people watching for reasons other than just the music. Here is a top ten of just some of the scandals that have rocked the Eurovision world.

    10) The Bearded Lady from Austria

    Drag is nothing new to Eurovision or particularly controversial. However Conchita Wurst, Austria’s entry for 2014 and the drag persona of Austrian singer Tom Neuworth, is different. Conchita’s character challenges traditional ideas about gender, notions of beauty and conformity. Recently there have been complaints in some countries from groups calling for Austria's performance to be censored from the Eurovision broadcast as they view her as a corruptive influence! Conchita's performance takes place during tense times in Europe. Only last week Russian politician Vitaly Milonov described Eurovision...

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  3. Molly's Eurovision Postcard: Behind-the-scenes

    Thursday 17 April 2014, 18:08

    BBC Eurovision Adrian BBC Eurovision Adrian

    We are only weeks away from Eurovision 2014 kicking off in Copenhagen. A jolly film crew from Denmark flew over to London to shoot Molly’s UK Eurovision Postcard.

    Now, as many of you will know, the postcards play an integral part to the Eurovision programme. The postcards are short video clips that introduce each act before they go up on stage and perform to a TV audience of 120 million.

    This year’s postcard concept is very ambitious! It’s all about the artist creating their own flag. Molly rolled out white carpet, directed iconic red double decker buses and lots of the Team Molly faithful (wearing blue ponchos!) to make a huge Union Jack flag. Not only that, Molly had to nervously get in a cherry picker and rise high up over her art installation to take the perfect picture of the flag.

    Check out this behind-the-scenes video to see how Molly got on!


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    Don’t forget you can only see the final UK postcard film exclusively on the Eurovision Final, 10th May 2014!

    Do you have any favourite Eurovision VTs from over the years? Let us know!

  4. Top 10 UK Eurovision Songs

    Thursday 10 April 2014, 17:35

     Dr Eurovision Dr Eurovision

    Did you know to date the UK remains overall, the most successful country in Eurovision? Ok we’ve not done well recently… but with five wins and 15 runner-up positions, we’ve made the two top spots a startling 20 times!! That’s a record that we should be rightly proud of.

    The songs featured in this top 10 are worked out as a combination of their Eurovision placing and their UK chart performance. In a strange anti-Eurovision twist, the entries with the lowest combined numbers were included in the list (since they were technically the most successful). I tried to develop a formula which is...

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  5. Be part of the UK postcard shoot!

    Thursday 10 April 2014, 10:06

    BBC Eurovision Nora BBC Eurovision Nora

    We are filming our Eurovision postcard this Saturday 12th April, and you could be part of it! We are looking for fans to come to our location in West London and take part in what we promise will be quite a spectacular shoot.

    If you’d like to take part please email You will receive a confirmation email if you are successful with all the necessary details. Numbers are limited so please be quick to avoid disappointment.

    Molly's Postcard

    *Children must be at least 12 years old and must be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that it is an outside shoot so wear appropriate clothing. Your involvement will confirm participation in footage that will be broadcast.

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  6. Sing or Dance? Eurovision needs YOU!

    Thursday 3 April 2014, 14:08

    BBC Eurovision Adrian BBC Eurovision Adrian

    Have you ever wanted to perform on Eurovision?! Yes? Well this year’s Host Broadcaster, DR in Denmark is offering you the chance to shine on stage at the biggest music contest in the world!

    For the first time ever, Eurovision fans will be given the chance to dance or sing on a gigantic video screen on stage. Viewers can join a huge virtual choir, singing last year’s winning tune sung by Emmelie de Forest, Only Teardrops, by sending over their vocals via webcam.

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    The producers of show will use your voices to create a gigantic virtual choir, and this choir will be shown as part of the first...

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  7. Money, Money, Money

    Thursday 27 March 2014, 16:18

     Dr Eurovision Dr Eurovision

    They say that money makes the world go round. It certainly counts when it comes to Eurovision! Let’s take a look at some of the costs involved in both participating in, and the hosting of, the Eurovision Song Contest.

    The on-going global economic crisis has impacted upon the contest, not only in terms of how the event has downsized in recent years, but also in terms of number of participants. Every national broadcaster has to pay a fee to enter the contest. The UK, as part of the so-called 'Big Five', get automatic entry into the final along with France, Spain Germany and Italy since they pay...

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  8. Introducing Molly!

    Monday 3 March 2014, 19:30

    BBC Eurovision Nora BBC Eurovision Nora


    We are very pleased to announce Molly Smitten-Downes will be flying the flag for the UK at Eurovision 2014 with the song Children of the Universe.

    After discovering her work on BBC Introducing we invited singer-songwriter Molly to compose a song especially for the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, the result is a powerful, contemporary track revealed exclusively tonight on Red Button and iPlayer.

    No stranger to competitions, in 2012 Molly was awarded Best Urban/Pop Act at Live and Unsigned and in 2013 won Best Song at the Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. With her incredible vocal range, Molly...

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  9. Our vision for Copenhagen

    Friday 28 February 2014, 15:53

    Guy Freeman Guy Freeman Executive Producer

    I'm pleased to announce the premiere of our UK act and song will be in a Red Button / iPlayer exclusive Monday 3rd March at 7.30pm.

    If Eurovision's participating countries somehow took it in turns to win the competition, the UK wouldn’t be due another victory until at least the year 2037. A nonsensical idea, but it helps to set the gap since our last win into some sort of perspective. Having won the Contest five times, we still rank joint second on the leader board of victories and despite some memorable misfires, we still have the highest cumulative points total of any country. But even the...

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  10. Results of the UK Jury 2013

    Wednesday 19 June 2013, 15:49

    BBC Eurovision Nora BBC Eurovision Nora

    The 2013 results for the UK Eurovision Jury and their rankings for both the Grand Final and first Semi-Final are as follows…


    Grand Final

    1. Russia

    2. Belgium

    3. Denmark

    4. Estonia

    5. Ukraine

    6. The Netherlands

    7. Georgia

    8. Belarus

    9. Azerbaijan

    10. Iceland

    11. Moldova

    12. Malta

    13. Greece

    14. France

    15. Armenia

    16. Romania

    17. Italy

    18. Germany

    19. Sweden

    20. Hungary

    21. Norway

    22. Ireland

    23. Finland

    24. Lithuania

    25. Spain


    Semi–Final One

    1. Russia

    2. Austria

    3. Denmark

    4. Estonia

    5. Belgium

    6. Netherlands

    7. Moldova

    8. Belarus

    9. Ukraine

    10. Ireland

    11. Lithuania

    12. Slovenia

    13. Cyprus

    14. Serbia

    15. Croatia

    16. Montenegro

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