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During major events we love receiving photos from people in the thick of the action, especially when they capture an extra something you can't get just from watching the live coverage.

One man busy with his camera in Switzerland was Amir Rijavec, who sent a selection of stunning photos to BBC Sport's Euro 2008 group on the photo-sharing website Flickr.

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My colleague Saj Chowdhury has done a bit of a straw poll in the office and here is our(unofficial) team of Euro 2008.

You can see how it compares to the official team here.

Fernando Torres was your star of the final in Player Rater and deservedly so after winning the cup for Spain.

But his two goals in the tournament weren't enough to get him into our overall team. Have we got it right or have we dropped the ball?

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Popular comic strip You Are The Ref, which has been produced by artist Paul Trevillion for half a century, will be part of BBC Sport's Euro 2008 coverage.

Trevillion, who began creating his drawings as a teenager standing behind the goal at matches, started his career with The People newspaper and has also worked for Shoot! magazine and The Observer newspaper.

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Keep reading this blog for the latest about the Euro 2008 football tournament in Switzerland and Austria.

News and reports will be on the BBC Sport website but our experts will bring you behind the scenes access right here.

All of our bloggers are keen to hear your views and we want people to comment on what we have to say.

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What's your role at Euro 2008?
Back home I'm afraid. I'll be making sure that the blog keeps working and will largely be behind the scenes. If all goes to plan, you won't hear too much from me.

Favourite team?
Liverpool FC, so I'm still finding Man Utd's Champions League triumph tricky to take.

Favourite player?
Kenny Dalglish - the man was a genius. Stevie Gerrard - the man is a genius. And Fernando Torres - the man might just be a genius.

Ideal sporting dinner guest?
Muhammad Ali. No doubt about it. Ideally circa 1960s but it would still be an absolute pleasure to meet "The Greatest" today.

Best bit of advice received?
Have had lots of advice - just can't remember any of it right now. Advice to self: "Remember what you are told."

Tell us something the public might not know about you...
I once scored an own goal, gave away a penalty and headed against my own bar all in the same first half of a university football match. Amazingly the ref sought me out afterwards to tell me that I had a good second half, but we lost 8-2.

Disappointed the Home Nations didn't make it?
Yes - I am desperate for England to win something and it has been far too long. That said, their absence ensures that I will throw no football-enduced strops this summer.

Will there be another surprise winner?
Could be - the tournament is wide open. And Spain may surprise everyone by actually pulling their fingers out on the big stage. But it's more likely that an old stager like Germany or France will come out on top again.

Which player will take the tournament by storm?

Finally, how many goals will be scored in Euro 2008?

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