Monday's Euro 2008 game between the Netherlands and Italy prompted a huge debate about whether Ruud van Nistelrooy's goal should have counted.

Here's your chance to decide what to do...

The scenario - as described by migsthemerciless
Holland are playing Italy in the group stages. The ball is crossed into the Italian penalty area and Gianluigi Buffon parries it weakly away. In clearing the ball, Buffon clatters into Christian Panucci, knocking his own player behind the goal line, injured.

Wesley Sneijder picks up the loose ball and fires in a left footed shot. Van Nistelrooy, clearly ahead of all defenders on the pitch (except the goalkeeper Buffon), taps Sneijder's shot into the net.

Van Nistelrooy looks sheepish, convinced he should be offside, but quickly starts celebrating. What do you do?

To see the video of the incident and read the full story click here.

Keith Hackett's answer
This is a really good talking point. I have listened to the commentators criticising the first Holland goal stating that Van Nistelrooy was offside. Panucci went off through contact with his own goalkeeper Buffon and so he is still considered part of the game.

TV slated the decision but the fact is the assistant referee was correct because the defender who slid off the field is still regarded as active.

But what would you have done?


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