A reminder of question number six, followed by Keith Hackett's answer:

Thierry Henry

Question number six
France play Italy. Only the winner will progress from the group. The following situation happens in a penalty shoot-out.

With the score 10-10, France's 11th penalty taker fails to score. Italy's 11th penalty taker is the next to step up. If he scores his team win 11-10. The kicker runs up but stops in his run-up, the French goalkeeper dives to his left but too soon. The kicker then takes another step and blasts the ball off the post and in.

You blow your whistle for the kick to be retaken and you caution (yellow card) him for his unsporting behaviour - stopping in his run-up. He then completely loses it and appears to be pulling you onto a head butt, when a French player reacts instinctively and comes to your assistance with a right-hand punch that knocks the enraged player to the ground.

The Italian captain runs up, bends over his unconscious team-mate and agrees he must be red-carded and sent off, but insists the French player who threw the punch must also be sent off. Then he further informs you, as all 11 players have taken a kick, his number one kicker will now take the re-taken penalty.

The French captain laughs and points out the Italian player who had taken the penalty had failed to score and had been sent off, and so the kick must stand as a MISS.

What action do you take?

Keith Hackett's answer
The referee was correct in cautioning the kicker for unsporting behaviour when he stopped during his run up to kick the ball because this is deemed trickery to deceive the goalkeeper, who committed and had dived to his left.

It is different to a player who may attempt to deceive the goalkeeper as to his intentions when taking the kick, but fails to commit him. Then it is allowed in law. A subtle difference often missed or understood by the spectator.

The Italian kicker who grabbed hold of you in an attempt to headbutt will now receive a straight red card and be reported to the authorities.

No player, whatever the circumstances, has the right to strike or attempt to strike an opponent. So you now issue a red card to the French player, even though he may insist it was to protect you (the referee). He has to go and your report will indicate this act of violent conduct.

Having calmed things down you now have to restore order to ensure that the Italians have the opportunity of concluding their 11th penalty kick. In law they can chose from any of their players remaining on the field of play.

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