Welcome back for the second edition of a special Euro 2008 version of You Are The Ref.

Fernando Torres

Today's question
A defender is off the pitch receiving treatment and you have clearly told him to remain on the sideline until you signal for him to return. Spain are on the attack and Fernando Torres receives the ball outside the penalty area, runs through the defence, rounds the goalkeeper and taps the ball towards the empty net. As he turns to celebrate his goal the defender who was off the field receiving treatment sprints back on to the pitch without waiting for your signal to invite him on and performs a last-ditch goalline clearance.

How would you deal with this situation?

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Now it is time to revisit yesterday's question:

Howard Webb

Here's a reminder of Tuesday's question
A player scythes down an opponent, two-footed, over the top - a definitive red card offence. However, the ball bounces kindly for the other team and they have an excellent chance of scoring. You allow play to continue, making a mental note to send the player off next time there is a break in play. The goal opportunity is denied by a miraculous one-handed save by the goalkeeper. A team-mate instantly kicks the ball upfield to the player, who should have been sent off. He is played onside by the player he hacked down and he goes on to score.

Should the goal be allowed? Should the goalscorer still be sent off? What you would do in this situation?

Keith Hackett's answer
It is not advisable to apply an advantage with a RED CARD offence. But in this case, with an obvious clear-cut goalscoring chance, I would wait THREE SECONDS and if the ball had not entered the goal I would stop play and dismiss the player.

I certainly would not have allowed play to continue in the way that the question suggests and I believe I speak for all referees officiating in EURO 2008.

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