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Here's a double-headed You Are The Ref question:

Question number 11
Part A: A player sees a goalscoring opportunity, but you - the referee - are unfortunately in the way. He deliberately pushes you out of the way to get to the ball and knocks you to the ground in the process.

He puts the ball in the net but the defence claim they stopped when they saw you on the floor. You didn't see the goal as you were on your backside and your linesman is unsighted and not in a position to rule.

What would you do in this siuation?

This question was inspired by a suggestion from fearlessJon_Taylor. Here is his original submission:

Hi Mr Hackett

Thanks for answering all of the questions asked, the answers have been very helpful. Here's my conundrum:

Part B: It's 1-0 to Spain against Russia in the last few minutes, with the game swinging end-to-end. Russia have a corner which is cleared but passed back to Arshavin who looks certain to score, unfortunately the referee accidentally elbows him in the face knocking him off balance. The Russia players surround you, complaining that you have denied them a goal. What do you do?

We will bring you the answer to both scenarios from You Are The Ref's Keith Hackett on Friday.

This is the final week of our special Euro 2008 edition of You Are The Ref. So keep sending us your suggestions and BBC Sport will choose some to be turned into You Are The Ref scenarios. We reserve the right to modify any we select.


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