Welcome to the first of our special Euro 2008 editions of the cartoon strip You Are The Ref.

If you always thought it was easy being a referee, now is your chance to prove it.

Referee Howard Webb

Have a look at the drawing above by You Are The Ref creator Paul Trevillion, which features English referee Howard Webb, who will be officiating at Euro 2008. Then read the question below the drawing.

A player scythes down an opponent, two-footed, over the top - a definitive red card offence. However, the ball bounces kindly for the other team and they have an excellent chance of scoring. You allow play to continue, making a mental note to send the player off next time there is a break in play. The goal opportunity is denied by a miracle one-handed save by the goalkeeper. A team-mate instantly kicks the ball upfield to the player, who should have been sent off. He is played onside by the player he hacked down and he goes on to score.

Should the goal be allowed? Should the goalscorer still be sent off? What you would do in this situation?

This question is now closed.

To see the answer from You Are The Ref's Keith Hackett, the Premier League referees chief, click here.

Thank you to Prometheus for submitting this scenario. Later in the week we will be inviting further suggestions for the future editions of You Are The Ref.


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