Near and far

  • Betsan Powys
  • 4 May 07, 01:40 AM

Sheffield... Australia... your comments are flooding in from near and far.

At least something's flooding in. Come on - a result! Please!

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  • At 01:45 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Rob wrote:

Wales lacks a civic culture like Scotland's. Most of our media is London dominated, so a turn out of 40% odd is quite good; but still depressing.

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  • At 01:45 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Jeremy wrote:

in scotland they are using scanning technology to count the votes, despite fog and boats sinking they have declared some results, why is it so slow in wales (although they do seem to have a problem with spoilt papers)

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  • At 01:48 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Darren Cunningham wrote:

Haha To be as witty as a politcal editor..... maybe I should go to uni for a political degree and get a job with the BBC :)

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