Coalition talk already?

  • Betsan Powys
  • 4 May 07, 01:22 AM

Rumours coming in from Bridgend. The man with the quietest blog in Wales - Carwyn Jones - might be getting nervous. The Tories say they're pushing him close.

Now what did Rhodri Morgan mean when he said that Labour will do 'the right thing' for Wales? Coalition talk already... before any results are in?

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Does Rhodri Morgan really think that 60% of the people in wales don't know there's an election on and this is the fault of non-welsh based media. Come on, I think the people of wales deserve more credit than that. Surely there are far wider issues regarding the status of the assembly and politics in wales that are to blame.
People know there's an election on - they just don't care.

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  • At 01:27 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Dave Edwards wrote:

Clearly, Lucy Cohen is winning the battle of the cleavage

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  • At 01:27 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • heledd wrote:

I think Huw Edwards owes the people of Reading and Berkshire an apology for his snide comment about accents. I quite agree that Huw's been putting on more of a Welsh accent all night, and pointing that out hardly warranted such an inappropriate response - an attack verging on racism! Chwarae teg!

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  • At 01:33 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Chris wrote:

Ooh its all looking very interesting. Any chance of some news on how the Gower vote is going or is expected to go? The only real campaign seems to have been from the Tories, but we have had a lib dem councillor for years, our council itself is Lib-Dem led, yet our AM and MP is Labour....A rather strange mix it seems!

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  • At 01:45 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Louise George wrote:

A note to Rhodri Morgan.....believe me we have been waiting for this election for the last couple of years and have no doubt that a majority are aware there IS an election. Maybe it was wishful thinking on his part hopeing he could slip away without notice.

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  • At 01:47 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Seiriol wrote:

Carwyn Jones feeling uneasy?

You should be listening to Radio Cymru - completely assured, even casual.

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