As predicted

  • Betsan Powys
  • 4 May 07, 03:47 AM

So as predicted, the rumble for the Tumble was won by Plaid and a far more stateswomanlike win than in 1999.

And Roger Scully? You must be a very good tutor. Your students were BANG on! 51% and 35% it was.

And talking about good news for Plaid Aberconwy looking good for them... and will they push Alun Pugh into third in Clwyd West? Less good for them? Bye bye any chances Dafydd Wigley ever had of making it to Cardiff.

And Carmarthen West is tight but might the Tories edge it? Another woman heading to Cardiff Bay if so.

Right - better start composing.

So farewell then Alun Pugh.
Your Christmas card cost you dearly.

More to come... bad jokes about bikes etc...

But another Alun, Alun Davies must now be on his way to Cardiff as Labour's list man in Mid and West. That vineyard will just have to wait a bit Alun.

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  • At 03:53 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Richard wrote:

Is is me or is the returning officers' Welsh getting more and more incomprehensible?

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  • At 04:04 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Martin H wrote:

As a fellow student of the group who conducted the Llanelli poll they have done exceedingly well. Their presentation was excellent and their research methods as far as we could tell were top notch.
This echoes the efforts of a group two years ago who successfully predicted the Liberal gain in Ceredigion who accually used their poll to place a bet and win a substantial amount of money.

As for my group's work in the same module, well that was focused on reasons of low turnout amongst young people. Our findings show that young people are engaged in politics although to what extent they are engaged with the Assembly we didn't research.
What our limited findings did show however is that it needs to be shown that voting in future elections in Wales is effective and young people's votes do count, both with the electoral system and with what the politicians in Cardiff do with the mandate we give them. (Well, not me as my ballot was lost in the post and never arrived to my uni accomadation)
Early indications of a 5-10% rise in turnout is good news and I look forward in four years time where hopefully the turnout amongst the young will rise higher.

And we all hope that as soon as Professor Scully finishes his duties with the election he will kindly mark our research reports which were due in yesterday.

Martin H
University of Wales, Aberystwyth

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